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Stream The Electro Wars

April 29, 2011

Pitchfork is streaming a documentary about the rise of “electro” music on the internet and in life in the past few years.  There are tons of names in this, including Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke, A-Trak, Diplo, Lil’ Jon, LMFAO and much more.  I only caught the first ten minutes or so because my computer’s being rell frail, but from what I can tell it’s about the current role of electro in the rising EDM movement and now the mainstream and I’m sure tons of insight about its history and future.  Apparently a sequel is already in the works about the all-encompassing house scene.  This was supposed to have only been streaming until this past Wednesday but it’s still up, so catch it while you can.

Watch here.


DJ Quik – The Book of David

April 27, 2011

The west coast is pretty bad at taking care of their own.  DJ Quik has been making dope music for two decades now and is barely a footnote in the hip-hop canon.  While everyone salivates over the pending release of a certain legend’s comeback, Quik just dropped the perfect summer album.  Lyrically he’s OK, but there are so many guests on this one that it’s pretty much a producer’s compilation album anyway.  The production on this one isn’t as risky as BlaQKOut; Quik sticks to his G-funk roots but it’s understandable: he’s absolutely mastered the sounde.  Gotta give a special shoutout to Suga Free and Kurupt, who are both hilarious in their own ways.  We really need to give rappers from California more credit for their charisma and versatility because (it seems like) every rapper from New York in 2011 is still trying to audition for a spot on DJ Clue’s The Professional.  Pick this one over Doggumentary if you’re looking for a west-coast album to hold you down this summer.

DL:  DJ Quik f. Suga Free – Nobody (320 kbps)

DL:  DJ Quik f. Kurupt – Flow For Sale (320 kbps)

DL:  DJ Quik f. BlaKKazz K.K. (!!) – Poppin (320 kbps)

SimilarMurs f. Kurupt – Live From Roscoe’s

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Arias & Arno Cost f. Michael Feiner – The Days to Come (Original Mix)

April 27, 2011

Oh man, this has to be the song of the spring right now.  As happy as I am with the wobbly-bass movement, I’m happy that a song can bring just a main synth-line and still be an anthem.  y2I2 can’t wait playa.  Remember, we’re fucking with VOCALS ONLY right now.  Happy to say there’s a been a lot of good EDM stuff coming out lately.

DL:  Arias & Arno Cost f. Michael Feiner – The Days to Come (Original Mix) (320 kbps)

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Single Review: Adele – Someone Like You

April 27, 2011

Yo bro, a bunch of us are gonna cry to that new Adele, are you down?  Obvi.  Fucking dope ass heartfelt piano ballad, this one is even better than Hometown Glory.  Is Gossip Girl still on?  Shouldn’t someone get killed/married/pregnant/broken up with to this song?  Still waiting for Hov to recruit her for his next mega-hit.  I saw some dubstep remixes of this song; are you kidding me?  There’s literally no way you could touch up this song with mega-bass or whatever, the whole point is that it’s a piano ballad.  Gotta say with all snark removed that I’m absolutely happy for her success, it’s unfortunately a rarity in the industry to see someone succeed with as much talent as she has.  Yes, I know how that sounds.  Go get 21 now.


Similar:  Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Original)  (Jaime XX Shuffle)  (dBerrie Remix) / Adele – Hometown Glory (Axwell Remix)

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Atmosphere and the Family Tour at Terminal 5

April 27, 2011

First off, before I get into my review of Atmosphere, I have to say Blueprint fucking killed it last night.  His new sounds reminded me of some El-P shit. Let’s get back to the main attraction, Atmosphere. Read the rest of this entry ?


Karma’s Army

April 27, 2011

I enjoy bands that haven’t reach major audiences yet because I can clearly listen to them without a bias.  Also I’m a fan of rock.  A group that I enjoy is Karma’s Army.  A New York based group founding on a solid pocket of rhythm and bass, strong guitar riffs and a singer who doesn’t sound like a pussy or every other  vocalist out there. Read the rest of this entry ?


Atmosphere- Family Signs Album Review

April 26, 2011

So I figure while eagerly awaiting to go see Atmosphere and Blueprint tonight at Terminal 5, I give a review of Atmosphere’s latest effort, Family Signs.  Read the rest of this entry ?