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April 20, 2011

I can’t celebrate this “holiday” in good conscience with my 23rd birthday coming up.  My only resolution for the new year:  “weed rappers” need to stop rapping exclusively about how much weed they smoke; it reminds me of the Chappelle standup where he talks about how white people only talk about other times they’ve smoked when they smoke.  The two best “weed rappers” of all time have to be Biggie and MF Doom.  Ghostface and Camp Lo are the runners up.


Lupe Fiasco – Lasers

March 9, 2011

WTF???  I mean…Lupe’s music was always tailored towards “socially conscious” (college) white kids, but goddamn, what the fuck happened here?  This shit makes me feel guilty for liking techno music.  Seriously – this album is a white person’s interpretation of what the black struggle is like.

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Charlie Sheen – Winning (DJ DLG Lazor Mix)

March 7, 2011

I would feel socially irresponsible if I didn’t post this.  Props.  The phrase “droopy-eyed armless children” is probably the most underrated part of this whole saga.  Couldn’t you see Charlie Sheen becoming a motivational speaker down the line like Tom Cruise in Magnolia???

DL:  Charlie Sheen – Winning (DJ DLG Lazor Mix) (128 kbps)


DL:  Ephixa – Charlie Sheen (320 kbps)


Tim Berg – Bromance

January 3, 2011

WTF?  How bizarre is this?  Do people do this?  Do Europeans do this?  Do people in California do this?  Do Americans think Europeans do this?  Do Europeans think Americans do this?  Will this type of shit be a staple of American culture in 2020?  This is why I’m happy I don’t live in Poland or Binghamton.  This makes me want to ride around in a circle for three hours listening to Gimme The Loot.

Vocals on this track are shit, so here’s the instrumental*.

DL:  Tim Berg – Bromance (Avicii Arena Mix)

* I’m undecided on Avicii/Tim Berg/whatever.  I think he’s OK – to be honest I’m almost unsure as to why he’s gaining as much momentum as he is.  There’s something weirdly intriguing about his songs that subconsciously draws you to them.  I’d be pretty surprised if I was in a room with someone listening to one of his songs and they said they were actively blown away by them, but that said, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear someone retroactively say that Bromance or Alcoholic or Hang With Me were great.  I can at least appreciate his brand of subtle electro-house, which I know sounds as ridiculous as something like reasonable death metal.


Jay Electronica x Mountain Dew Code Red

December 24, 2010

What?  Is this real?  Don’t you need to have music out before you can do endorsements?  I never understood the rapper/soft drink endorsement connection, but this is the best one since Biggie’s infamous Pepsi Freestyle or at least those Busta Rhymes Sprite commercials in the 90s.  I didn’t even know Code Red still existed, but now I guess the 30 white kids who listen to Jay Elec are now enlightened.  Wasn’t Act II supposed to come out last Christmas?  C’mon son.  I hope someone is either fired or promoted over this.  If this plays during the Super Bowl I’m stripping naked and running to Alaska to live with the grizzly bears.


JJ – Kills

December 24, 2010

So I left some homemade pizzelles and espresso for Santa, and this is what he leaves for me.  JJ, whose debut album N2 is one of my favorite albums, came out with this mixtape this morning.  Yes, now even Swedish singers are dropping mixtapes.  I would tell you what she sings over, but half the enjoyment of this is hearing and taking the seconds to absorb what she’s singing over.  This is what you fucking get Thomas Friedman.  This is basically “Ecstasy” for an entire mixtape.  The singer talks about lost love, getting high, getting drunk and killing the tracks she’s singing over, which actually makes it the most topical mixtape of all time.  If Wayne raps like he’s always high, the singer from JJ sings like she’s always on heroin.  I feel like someone is going to do a symposium in 2015 about foreign countries’ interpretations of American culture and this will be the centerpiece.  This will probably only be enjoyed by bloggers, sociologists and my girlfriend.  People who voted against Proposition 19:  pat yourselves on the back right about now.  This mixtape makes me feel like a dog enthusiast watching Michael Vick’s 4th quarter comeback last week.  Tracklist and DL link after the jump.  Merry christmas, internet.***

DL:  JJ – Still

DL:  JJ – Believe

DL:  JJ – Kill Them


*** And this was before I heard the Nikki Minaj and T.I. vocal samples?!?!?!

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Jim Jones – Perfect Day f. Juelz Santana (THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS, BARRY)

December 2, 2010

WTF?? Remember when they were dope???  Spotted this on Nah Right and I had to.  Uploaded I’m Ready to remind y’all that these clowns in fact once had integrity.

DL:  Jim Jones f. Juelz Santana – Perfect Day

DL:  The Diplomats – I’m Ready