JJ – Kills

December 24, 2010

So I left some homemade pizzelles and espresso for Santa, and this is what he leaves for me.  JJ, whose debut album N2 is one of my favorite albums, came out with this mixtape this morning.  Yes, now even Swedish singers are dropping mixtapes.  I would tell you what she sings over, but half the enjoyment of this is hearing and taking the seconds to absorb what she’s singing over.  This is what you fucking get Thomas Friedman.  This is basically “Ecstasy” for an entire mixtape.  The singer talks about lost love, getting high, getting drunk and killing the tracks she’s singing over, which actually makes it the most topical mixtape of all time.  If Wayne raps like he’s always high, the singer from JJ sings like she’s always on heroin.  I feel like someone is going to do a symposium in 2015 about foreign countries’ interpretations of American culture and this will be the centerpiece.  This will probably only be enjoyed by bloggers, sociologists and my girlfriend.  People who voted against Proposition 19:  pat yourselves on the back right about now.  This mixtape makes me feel like a dog enthusiast watching Michael Vick’s 4th quarter comeback last week.  Tracklist and DL link after the jump.  Merry christmas, internet.***

DL:  JJ – Still

DL:  JJ – Believe

DL:  JJ – Kill Them


*** And this was before I heard the Nikki Minaj and T.I. vocal samples?!?!?!


01.  Still
02.  Die Tonight
03 . Kill Them
04.  Kill You
05.  New Work
06.  Believe
07.  Pressure Is a Privilege
08.  Angels
09.  Boom
10.  High End

Grab the whole mixtape here.


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  1. i love these

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