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Mayer Hawthorne – Impressions (Free Covers EP)

May 14, 2011

Mayer dropped this one the other day for free – listen to his ELO cover I posted the other day if you need to know what’s really good.  Six songs on this one with covers from Chromeo to the Isley Brothers.  This is the spring music you need in your life.

Anyways I’m locked down for the next four days catching up on all the studying I’ve supposed to have done over the last two months, but I know the crew will hold it down in my absence.  Special shoutout to M dot A Mang, who will thankfully be posting music here that has a shelf life longer than three or four days.  Rumor also has it that Kelly has been turning the wheels on the long-awaited Big Boi concert review and that the initial draft was so good that he’s already sold the movie rights to it.

Now that I have the tiniest bit of capital, I’m going to be making some major changes to this site and finally start rolling out the master plan that’s been hatching since last December.  I’m also gonna start mixing again – hoping to put out a remastered edition of Yonkers 2 Ibiza and put out Y2I2 along with some other silly summer mixes.  Big plans, y’all.

DL:  Mayer Hawthorne – Mr. Blue Sky (320 kbps)

Free Impressions EP DownloadOfficial / Info

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Mayer Hawthorne – Mr. Blue Sky (ELO Cover)

May 9, 2011

B3Sci just killin it today.  Who knew he could kill it even without the falsetto?  Does that make any sense musically?  Whatever, this is too good to care.  I’ve never really listened to ELO but this is real dope.  I feel like this could be the closing credits of a Farrlley Brothers comedy (where they’re showing the montages of what happens to everyone).  IS THAT AN ACCORDION AT THE END??  What is that??  Impressions EP coming soon???  Get A Strange Arragement right now if you haven’t.

DL:  Mayer Hawthorne – Mr. Blue Sky (320 kbps)


DL:  Mayer Hawthorne – Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out (128 kbps)

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Classic: Brian Eno – The Big Ship

April 2, 2011

Y’all bloggers and music nerds needs to embrace y’all roots more.  No ‘tent-o, but Brian Music is basically responsible for the entire canon of music after 1973.  This one is as good if not better than the David Bowie instrumental “A New Career In A New Town,” which Eno also basically did.  How is he not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?  Is there a single awards or ceremonial committee that’s even halfway reputable?  Oh yeah, and he pretty much invented a genre, but hey, keep listening to Madonna.  No, you’re right, she really is fantastic.

DL:  Brian Eno – The Big Ship (320 kbps)

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Pretty Lights – Unreleased 2010 Remixes EP

February 4, 2011

WTF – both hipsters and bros failed to notify me that this came out.  This is pretty cool – a few remixes of his older songs, a few electronic remixes of classic rock songs, a Juicy/Empire State of Mind/Hello Brooklyn mashup, an All of the Lights remix and a remix of the 90s Chicago Bulls theme (!).  Like all of his music, it’s 100% free – grab the whole thing at his website.

DL:  Kanye West – All of the Lights (Pretty Lights Remix) (320 kbps)

DL:  Pink Floyd – Time (Pretty Lights Remix) (320 kbps)

DL:  Steve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle (Pretty Lights Remix) (320 kbps)

SimilarPretty Lights


Throwback: Nirvana – MTV Unplugged

February 1, 2011

Damn, what happened to the interesting musicians?  The best we have today is Lady Gaga, who is more known for her outfits than anything she has ever said or any music she has ever created for that matter.  Nirvana’s studio albums sound dated today, but this album is absolutely timeless.  Kurt was an absolutely fantastic performer and IMO he gets more mileage out of these covers (about half of the album is covers) than he would out of performing Nirvana’s “hits” (though “Come As You Are” and “All Apologies” are on here).

It’s funny that he covers Bowie, as they were both dynamic personalities*, even though I love Bowie’s music/hate him as a person and love Cobain as a person/am so-so on his music for the most part.  I wonder what Nirvana’s legacy would have been if Kurt didn’t die**?  Something interesting I was reading from Chuck Klosterman was that our collective hindsight generally forgets that Nirvana was plunging out of public favor and was less popular than Pearl Jam before Cobain died.  My guess is that Nirvana would have remained critical darlings and become a cult band, something like the career of The Clash.  Hipsters today would love Nirvana (right today they’re fairly indifferent or dislike them if anything).

Some interesting reading for your Tuesday:  Kurt’s rant in the liner notes of Insesticide and David Bowie’s infamous 1976 Playboy interview (long but incredibly interesting and revealing).

DL:  Nirvana – The Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie cover) (224 kbps)

DL:  Nirvana – Lake of Fire (Meat Puppets cover) (224 kbps)

DL:  Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Lead Belly cover) (224 kbps)


DL:  David Bowie – The Man Who Sold The World (320 kbps)

*  I mean all musicians are fuckups to a degree, but at least they were interesting fuckups (unlike say…Axl Rose)

**  “Wasn’t murdered”


David Bowie – A New Career In a New Town

January 20, 2011

It seems to me as if the internet’s proclivity for releasing bona fide fire has slowed down considerably in the past few weeks.  January hangover or have we collectively reached the end of the Earth creatively and no worthwhile art will ever be released again?  Maybe they don’t dance in Sweden in January.  Anyways, in the absence of anything worthwhile, I decided to download Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday and the David Bowie discography.  I think Bowie is fascinating as a musician and a person, and the fact that his public persona was completely ingenuine actually makes him more interesting to me.  Few musicians have been as diverse as him, and although he may have been an opportunist to some degree, the fact that he successfully pulled off several different personas speaks to his talent and at the very least his stage presence.

ANYWAY, I’ve been listening to Low a lot lately, and although I haven’t formed a full opinion of the album, this instrumental track stood out to me for the first listen.  The backing melody is upbeat, but Bowie’s wailing harmonica gives a sense of misery and perfectly displays the conflicting emotions of trying something new and exciting while being incredibly afraid and lonely.  Already one of my favorite instrumentals of all time, enjoy.

DL:  David Bowie – A New Career In a New Town (196 kbps)


Tame Impala – Innerspeaker

January 13, 2011

I used to listen to Mobb Deep when I drove around, rapping about vodka and milk and how I was only (22) but my mind was older, honking vigorously and tailgating in the process.  Everything changed once I watched The Doors a few weeks ago though – I traded in for the Jim Morrison swag and now I’m more wordly, opting to take peyote in the desert and ruin celebrity Thanksgiving feasts*.  Since I’m more down with nature, I can accept things like people driving 45 in the left lane and the fact that the Bronx River Parkway exists.  Que sera, sera.

ANYWAY, this album is super dope.  Modern psychadelic rock – I find it hard to fathom that anyone wouldn’t love this.  This album is so much fun and it’s perfect for your next road trip / stay at Burning Man.  I consider it psychadelic rock for the ADD generation who can only listen to four-minute songs instead of 16-minute songs.  Tame Impala sounds like they come directly out of 1971, and that’s absolutely fine with me.  And then the synths pop up!  Hendrix/Doors/Can fans: you know what it is.  This album gives you the freedom you’ve been looking for.  One of the best of 2010, and I bet a fantastic live show.  Recommended to everyone.

DL:  Tame Impala – It’s Not Meant To Be

DL:  Tame Impala – Why Wont’ You Make Up Your Mind?

DL:  Tame Impala – The Bold Arrow Of Time

*  And trying to set my girlfriend on fire, I suppose.