Lupe Fiasco – Lasers

March 9, 2011

WTF???  I mean…Lupe’s music was always tailored towards “socially conscious” (college) white kids, but goddamn, what the fuck happened here?  This shit makes me feel guilty for liking techno music.  Seriously – this album is a white person’s interpretation of what the black struggle is like.

I usually give Lupe a pass too, but he literally didn’t rap about a single thing on this album.  Nothing was said.  You think he’d learn from a half-assed concept album* where he made some metaphor about Iraq and video games and rapped as a fucking cheeseburger, but instead he stripped all ambition and made two songs with MDMA (??!!??).  I hope there were mad parents who were forced to buy this album for their kids this week.

I could sit here and bitch about record labels all day, but everyone knows the story.  Lupe could have had the biggest hit of the year, but instead he coasted through an album…and still managed to push 225k in the first week.  On the plus side, I’m sure there are some 17-year olds listening to this somewhere and feeling deep.

I give up, y’all.  The general public likes it.  Bloggers like it.  The only people who seem to object are actual hip-hop fans, who I’m suddenly realizing are becoming sparse.  Every year, genres are getting more and more marginalized to try to appeal to those kids addicted to playing their Ipods on shuffle.  This album has black raps, European production and white vocals and in the process was stripped of any inherent genuineness or charisma.  What’s that saying about pleasing nobody if you’re trying to please everybody?  Clearly that doesn’t apply when making music geared towards the 18-25 crowd.

I assumed that the constant with anything Lupe did was that at least the lyrics would be good, but that’s not even the case here.  Lupe sleepwalked through this album worse than Hov did through Vol. 2.

Some wonder why everyone suddenly loves Odd Future so much – it’s because they talk more convincingly about rape than Lupe talks about anything.  This type of fuckery makes me wonder why I’m wasting my time writing about and even listening to a genre imprisoned by an industry that clearly can’t accept it for what it is.  Are y’alls profit margins that low?  Do you really have to deliver a home run with each album on a major?  Do you really need Trey Songz on this album?

I’m throwing my hands up on this one.  This album makes me want to log off.

SimilarLupe Fiasco f. Skylar Grey – Words I Never Said

*   I actually really liked The Cool, even though everything leading up to it made me think I wouldn’t (pretty much the exact opposite of this album)



  1. Dude the cool was aite. I was hated upon for saying it represents his decline. Best artist nowadays make enough good for one album and that’s it. I hope ofwgkta doesn’t suck but I can only hope. #fucksteveharvey

  2. […] of wimpy musicians afraid of trying something new due to record labels. No one wants to end up like LASERS, or this.  So yes, censorship is partially to blame, but with the internet existing, musicians can […]

  3. Thank you man! Will musicians ever stop selling out, lupe is not the only rap whore out there but WTF that was too quick, you gotta live with this shit just be yourself…

    Ya Tyler the creator is breathing some life back into industry. its that I dont give a fuck mentality!! On eminems level (ya it’s good music)

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