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Crosses EP

September 12, 2011

The Crosses EP is fucking sick. That is all.

It’s like the ambiance of Team Sleep, with the softer songs of Diamond Eyes mixed with the somber and open atmosphere of With Teeth.  This vaguely reminds me of the mood Entroducing puts me in when I listen to it during late Fall and Winter.

Download for free here.


Calvin Harris – Feel So Close

August 16, 2011

Here we go.  As much of a cynical fuck I am in pretty every single regard, I’m pretty goddamn sappy when it comes to unapologetically “positive” music.  Awooga and Bounce were the jawns and then he comes with this.  This is one of my favorites from this year.  What’s the deal with Calvin Harris videos?  I feel like these could all be characters in Pay It Forward.

I feel like a battered wife coming back for more with this dubstep thing, but the Nero remix is my fav tho these all bang.  Maybe because these are the only good male vocals in the history of EDM.  Shoutout to Benny Benassi.  Also shoutout to J. Espinosa who specifically edited out Fergie out of his mashup.  Out August 21st for u nerds:

Calvin Harris – Feel So Good (official):


Calvin Harris – Feel So Good (Nero Remix) (official):


Calvin Harris – Feel So Good (Benny Benassi Remix) (official):


Calvin Harris – Feel So Good (Dillon Francis Remix) (official):


Calvin Harris v. Black Eyed Peas – Feeling So Close (J. Espinosa Blend) (No Fergie) (download) (official):


Unrelated: be sure to look out for moombahton week on the Tumblr!  New bangers are being uploaded daily!

DJ Young EZ is an underwriter, revolutionary electro-pop DJ and the brokest rapper you know.  His 2006 masterpiece “A Couple Brews and a Beatbox” will be re-released for its fifth anniversary this September.  Catch him doing the damn thing at PartyMuzik.


Breaking out of the Mold….

July 27, 2011



You ever notice that sometimes when you listen to a particular genre of music for a long period of time you start getting accustomed to the normal standards of that particular brand of music?  Things start to coalesce into one entity and nothing seems to stand out anymore. I’ve been there plenty of times before, and its always great to be unexpectedly turned on your side by an album or artist that you didn’t expect to have any effect on you at all. As a matter of fact I ran into such a record the other day. The record I’m talking about is “Yesterday You Said Tomorrow” by Christian Scott. I’ve always heard good things about the young New Orleans born trumpeter but never took the time to really check out his music. My hesitance has really been a disservice to me but you know what they say better late than never. According to the allmusic review and liner notes of the album Scott elaborates on the intent he has of his music. He talks of famous music luminaries of the 1960’s and how he wanted to make a record that stood as an homage to that turbulent time in history. While also differentiating the past from the present musically by showing the individuality and influence that growing up in his generation has afforded him. As ambitious as this sounds I think he did the best job he could at accomplishing this goal. “Y.Y.S.T.” is both modern and traditional, chaotic and turbulent at one moment and sublimely beautiful the next. Scott witnessing the destruction and mayhem of Hurricane Katrina has no doubt shaped his musical identity tremendously. It seems as though he can channel any emotion through his music and make the listener empathize with whatever he is trying to convey. To me that is the true goal of any artist and I really think Scott has a unique gift. His manipulation of dynamics and tempo are almost unparalleled and his deft  and careful handling of every nuance of his music seems as though he poured his soul into this record. He also picked a great supporting cast to back him for this record. The rest of the band seems to be intrinsically on the same wavelength . Understanding exactly what Scott wants from his music. They play more risky  and avant-guard when its called upon but they always seem to come back down to earth letting the song and groove dictate where they are headed next. They even do an absolutely beautiful cover of the Thom Yorke song “Eraser” and quite honestly I think they convey more atmosphere and delicate emotion than the Radiohead frontman ever intended for. This is an early album for Christian Scott but its a great one and I think if he’s just getting started the Jazz Public at large is in for an incredible journey





Josh Gabriel Presents Winter Kills.

June 14, 2011


Jul 18 2011 update. I’m so busy lately i haven’t been posting because it’s just too time consuming. I will be back eventually but for now follow me on twitter its much more convenient and i still post tracks. =)

Josh Gabriel from Gabriel & Dresden, Andain, and Motorcycle is busy at work on his own label “Different Pieces”! His latest work consists of his collaboration with vocalist Meredith Call on an artist album after the success of 2009 single “Deep Down” and this years “Hot as Hades”. Winter Kills was also featured on Armin’s album for  “Take A Moment” and was probably one of the best singles on the album in my opinion. Today I’m taking the time to listen to the whole album and give some thoughts. These are my opinions though, and I don’t think that’s all that matters. I sort of don’t like doing album reviews because they are just one persons opinion and people are different! but what the hell listen to what I have to say and listen to it for yourself if you’re interested. If not there’s something on this blog for everybody and we try hard to do so, so keep scrolling or read more.  Also, I decided that I’m not going to post download links any more for songs unless they are bootleg, rips, or free tracks, or samples. Sorry these people work hard and they kept asking us to remove stuff and….well respect & what kind of fan would that make me?

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Taking Another Direction…

June 8, 2011

I decided to expound upon a notably different type of music for my newest post, instead of dwelling on American music, I decided I wanted to talk about salsa music…. I made the decision along time ago to have music become an essentially crucial part of my life, and with that decision, came my life-long quest to find and absorb as much music as I possibly could. My journey has taken me on a great ride, and as I continue to discover different types of music everyday, I start to realize just how universal a medium music actually is. But I don’t want to get into that too much because thats another story. I was introduced to salsa relatively late in the game, only really being exposed to it a couple of years ago through one of my good friends, who happens to be a bass player. Salsa is entrenched with wonderfully inventive and colorfully harmonic bass lines, no doubt what caught my friends ear and got him to start listening to it. I see alot of similarities between salsa and American funk and disco and to me this makes perfect sense because “Modern Salsa” was popularized in America in the 1970’s at the same time funk and disco were a major player in the American pop landscape. The percussion of Salsa is heavily drenched in clave rhythm, and while this is foreign to organic American Music, the music is heavily reliant and almost solely driven on rhythm itself, which is a common thread for all three genres because all were obviously conceived as vehicles for popular dancing. Horns also play a large part in Salsa and I’d bet that any prominent/successful salsa band could hold their own against any american funk/r&b horn section of any era. I feel that Salsa is way more than casual dance music, it’s the work of highly skilled musicians that are creating tightly woven rhythmic compositions with a great eye for detail….





Above & Beyond Feat. Zoe Johnston – Love Is Not Enough (Original Mix)

May 23, 2011

My trance prayers have been answered and there are new Above & Beyond tracks featuring the amazing Zoe Johnston. Zoe has worked with artists like Faithless and Delirium and always provides the most beautiful angelic vocals. She’s most memorable from the Above & Beyond tracks like “No One On Earth” (Which is a masterpiece to me) and “Good For Me”. I cannot wait for this release.

DL: Above & Beyond Feat. Zoe Johnston – Love Is Not Enough (Original Mix) (32okbps)

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Iio Feat. Nadia Ali’s “Exit 110”

May 21, 2011

You’ll remember Iio from the oldie “Rapture” which was released ten years ago! (Also in honor of today ((Judgement Day)) I figured this post would be appropriate). Anyway, I was always a huge fan of Iio and loved pretty much every release. Iio is Markus Moser and Nadia Ali and was a NYC based house music group responsible for many house and trance oldies and bombs! Again this is another collaboration that I grew up on and IS without a doubt responsible for Nadia Ali’s huge success in the EDM world. After releasing a few singles and waiting out a couple delays, Markus and Nadia released their debut album “Poetica” in 2005. “Poetica” featured their huge hits like “Rapture”, “Smooth”, and my favorite “At The End”. Nadia Ali went off to pursue her solo career and the group eventually faded away, besides the remix album released in 2007.

Now Markus Moser and Nadia Ali have teamed up again to bring another whole new album called “Exit 110”, but after listening to it I have to say I am a little disappointed. There are some tracks that are good and many with the potential to be good if it gets remix treatment. Some of the tracks though completely fell short. I honestly think this album will be so much better if it gets a remix album, or at least some remixed singles. One track that really stands out from the rest and is the first single from the album is “It’ll Be Like” which definitely has that old school NYC Iio sound. Check it out.

DL: Iio Feat. Nadia Ali – It’ll Be Like (Club Mix) (320kbps)

Bonus: Happy Rapture Day!!!

DL: Nadia Ali – Rapture (Avicii’s New Generation Extended Mix) (320kbps)

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