Josh Gabriel Presents Winter Kills.

June 14, 2011


Jul 18 2011 update. I’m so busy lately i haven’t been posting because it’s just too time consuming. I will be back eventually but for now follow me on twitter its much more convenient and i still post tracks. =)


Josh Gabriel from Gabriel & Dresden, Andain, and Motorcycle is busy at work on his own label “Different Pieces”! His latest work consists of his collaboration with vocalist Meredith Call on an artist album after the success of 2009 single “Deep Down” and this years “Hot as Hades”. Winter Kills was also featured on Armin’s album for  “Take A Moment” and was probably one of the best singles on the album in my opinion. Today I’m taking the time to listen to the whole album and give some thoughts. These are my opinions though, and I don’t think that’s all that matters. I sort of don’t like doing album reviews because they are just one persons opinion and people are different! but what the hell listen to what I have to say and listen to it for yourself if you’re interested. If not there’s something on this blog for everybody and we try hard to do so, so keep scrolling or read more.  Also, I decided that I’m not going to post download links any more for songs unless they are bootleg, rips, or free tracks, or samples. Sorry these people work hard and they kept asking us to remove stuff and….well respect & what kind of fan would that make me?

1. Tomorrow

2. Hot As Hades

3. Falling Back

4. Sweet Old Sound

5. Waiting

6. The Chauffeur

7. Deep Down

8. Like A Stone

9. My Friend

10. I’ll Stand By You

11. Foward Facing

12. Oklahoma Town

13. Ichabod

Josh Gabriel and Meredith Call deliver an album that includes dance tracks and alternative rock. Really focusing on amazingly written lyrics and Meredith’s awesome voice. What would make this album even better for me is a remix album of course, which I feel like should happen UNLESS it holds up the Andain album, which is just not okay. Although, some of these tracks would be amazing with some Gabriel & Dresden remixes. :). For me the songs that I find myself keep going back to (Besides the already released singles) are “Oklahoma Town”, “Waiting” , “Like A Stone” “Falling Back”. “Oklahoma Town” really has some cool lyrics, I hope it gets a remix it deserves one. Also, if you’ve never checked out “Deep Down”… it’s a must. I’m really enjoying this album and I looked forward to it, but why is the track list so short? another reason why it really needs a remix edition.

Buy The Winter Kills Album on iTunes.

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