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Daft Punk – Derezzed (Pink is Punk “RETRON” Mix)

January 19, 2011

I never got to talk to my snack connect, so I had no reason to go see the new Tron or listen to the soundtrack for that matter, and I can’t unfortunately see a scenario in which I’ll ever sit down and watch it.  Ships pass, I suppose.  Other movie reviews:

A SERIOUS MAN – MAD DOPE AND REAL – Lotta Jewry references to my childhood…a movie that made you think even if the beginning was a little silly and some parts were a little overdramatic.  Coens have a lifetime pass at this point.  Movies thematically based on the idea of Schrodinger’s cat also have a lifetime pass at this point.

THE BLACK SWAN – MAD DOPE, FAIRLY REAL – The Natalie Portman v. Pillow scene was even better than the much hyped Natalie Portman x. Mila Kunis scene although whoever told me they were doing things they didn’t actually end up doing in the movie need to never talk to me again.  The music was cray and I thought it worked as a study of method acting.  Obviously it was super dramatic and silly – Wrestler still better, but this was better than I expected.  Natalie makes up for V For Vendetta, which was the worst movie of the last 15 years (The Matrix Reloaded being the best).

THE HURT LOCKER – KIND OF MAYBE DOPE, NOT REALLY REAL – I didn’t get this one, y’all.  K. Biggs was even on my agenda cause of my anti-Cameron stance and my love of Point Break, which she directed.  I’m even of fan of Anthony Mackie aka 4pac – I thought this movie was less than the sum of its parts tho.  Good depiction on the type of person needed to be a true “soldier” and some cool scenes, but crazy unrealistic and my dude…where was the plot?  I’m down with y’all expository movement and such but I missed all the “tension” everyone was talking about with absolutely no narrative structure.  To be honest, the first critically acclaimed movie I can remember where I didn’t like it and didn’t understand why people liked it.  I suppose the standard for war movies has been set so low nowadays that this can pass off as…Roger Ebert’s #2 film of the 2000’s?  Word??!!??

DL:  Daft Punk – Derezzed (Pink is Punk “RETRON” Mix) (320 kbps)


Joe Hisashi – Top down in the winter that’s what winners do

December 22, 2010

Princess Mononoke >>>> Avatar.  Spirited Away was amazing too.  Miyazaki’s films have so much heart and imagination that it pains me to see people championing movies like Sherlock Holmes and Pirates of the Carribean, where they can get high off of plot twists and celebrity cameos.*  I swear, everyone’s cultural palettes are so destroyed by the media that people have no desire to see what they inherently want, but some variation of the stupid Joseph Campbell archetype that they are taught to want.  And I suppose that’s true for Miyazaki’s movies too to an extent, but at least the “bad” characters have understandable motivations and the story isn’t painted in black and white from the get-go.  And there are talking wolves and giant babies.

ANYWAY, Joe Hisashi did the soundtrack to both films and supplies them with a score that is dreamy at some points and Hans-Zimmer esque in others.  Wanted to put up something different today – enjoy!  And check out Miyazaki if you haven’t yet.

DL:  Joe Hisashi – The Sixth Station

DL:  Joe Hisashi – The Dragon Boy

DL:  Joe Hisashi – Mononoke Hime

* A few things.  First, I do like Pixar movies but I feel like they’re only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creative and emotionally gripping children’s movies.  I feel like sometiems people praise them as highly as they do because they feel like they’re obligated to rather than because they were really that affected by the movie.  Second and unrelated, the PG-13 rating was the worst thing to ever happen to cinema.  Almost every PG-13 movie ever made has been awful because it tries to pander to both kids and adults and completely loses any integrity in the process.  These films are simply money machines for the studios because everyone in the family can see them and get something out of it.  Lastly, there are some eccentricities in Miyazaki’s films that are a bit lost in translation, but these only make them more genuine and refreshing to me.


Clint Mansell Part Deux

December 5, 2010

A few focused Clint jawns from years past.  First two are from the Fountain soundtrack.  Third is a nice techno 90s-throwback with some vocal samples from Pi.  Final one you’ve heard on 82 Super Bowl commercials/movie trailers/sports montages by now.

DL:  Clint Mansell – Tree of Life

DL:  Clint Mansell – Death is a Disease

DL:  Clint Mansell – We Got the Gun (204 kbps)

DL:  Clint Mansell – Lux Aeterna


That’s Whiiite presents the Focused Series: Clint Mansell

December 3, 2010

So if you haven’t gotten 327 notifications about it in your newsfeed, Darren Aronofsky’s new jawn The Black Swan is coming out today.  I’ll go into how much I hate movies in general in some other post, but I gotta give props to D-Block.  The Wrestler is one of my favorite films of all time and I really liked Pi when I saw it a few years ago.  The Fountain was pretty silly and Requiem for a Dream is one of the most overrated movies by our generation, but I can’t deny its effectiveness, which is mostly because of Clint Mansell’s soundtrack.

C-Murder just dropped his new soundtrack for The Black Swan, and it’s awesome – creepy and haunting without being as overbearing as the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack.  As A likes to say, this is perfect background music for you to slit your wrists vertically to.  I put up links to two of my favorite pieces from the new soundtrack.  Being that nothing else new is really exciting me today, I’m going to re-acquire Clint’s older soundtracks and put up some gems for y’all.  Enjoy.

DL:  Clint Mansell – A New Swan Queen

DL:  Clint Mansell – Opposites Attract