Taking Another Direction…

June 8, 2011

I decided to expound upon a notably different type of music for my newest post, instead of dwelling on American music, I decided I wanted to talk about salsa music…. I made the decision along time ago to have music become an essentially crucial part of my life, and with that decision, came my life-long quest to find and absorb as much music as I possibly could. My journey has taken me on a great ride, and as I continue to discover different types of music everyday, I start to realize just how universal a medium music actually is. But I don’t want to get into that too much because thats another story. I was introduced to salsa relatively late in the game, only really being exposed to it a couple of years ago through one of my good friends, who happens to be a bass player. Salsa is entrenched with wonderfully inventive and colorfully harmonic bass lines, no doubt what caught my friends ear and got him to start listening to it. I see alot of similarities between salsa and American funk and disco and to me this makes perfect sense because “Modern Salsa” was popularized in America in the 1970’s at the same time funk and disco were a major player in the American pop landscape. The percussion of Salsa is heavily drenched in clave rhythm, and while this is foreign to organic American Music, the music is heavily reliant and almost solely driven on rhythm itself, which is a common thread for all three genres because all were obviously conceived as vehicles for popular dancing. Horns also play a large part in Salsa and I’d bet that any prominent/successful salsa band could hold their own against any american funk/r&b horn section of any era. I feel that Salsa is way more than casual dance music, it’s the work of highly skilled musicians that are creating tightly woven rhythmic compositions with a great eye for detail….




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