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Deftones Best Buy Theater concert Review

May 16, 2011

Deftones>you.  Hands down, the best show of the year and probably better than all my other favorite shows ever, including Medeski, Rage(well maybe not rage), 311, Quest, De La, etc…  The production and quality of the Deftones live set is unmatched. Read the rest of this entry ?


The Roots Live at Woodstock 99

May 6, 2011

Just cause I like the Roots and artists aint sayin nuthin new now a days. Happy Friday yall.


Soundgarden announces tour

May 5, 2011

As cool as EZ really is. I will bet my entire life savings on Soundgarden providing a better live show.  Hands down,  rock shows are the top-tier of live performance music.  Cannot be matched.  Read the rest of this entry ?


Atmosphere and the Family Tour at Terminal 5

April 27, 2011

First off, before I get into my review of Atmosphere, I have to say Blueprint fucking killed it last night.  His new sounds reminded me of some El-P shit. Let’s get back to the main attraction, Atmosphere. Read the rest of this entry ?


Queens of the Stone Age-Terminal 5

March 28, 2011

It’s Monday March 28th, approximately 10pm and my body feels like death.  I contribute this to Queens of the Stone Age rocking the fuck out of Terminal 5 in the greatest city in the world.  QOTSA played their self-title debut album in it’s entirety to promote the re-release of it earlier this month.  This show is a pure example of why rock shows will always out perform most genres. Read the rest of this entry ?


Study Break-Digable Planets

March 2, 2011

So I’m going to start a little new trend here at whiiite.  Plenty of students listen to music to study.  Currently studying International Economic Policy, International Finance and the dynamics of why Cleveland sucks.  Everyone who has ever studied can feel my trivial, whiny complaint, right?  Even Stephen Hawking studies and he listens to *semi-sonic and yngwie malmsteen, while he projects theories of black holes and time space dimensions.

Speaking of time and space, Digable Planets were in outer space when they released their material.  They took a tribe called quest and de la soul to a whole new level on the beat making machine.  Their lyrics had the slang of ghostface, but with the swag of Guru meets Q-tip.  But, they are so different than all these guys.  Those references are only for the ones who never dug the Digable Planets, one of the quintessential jazz hip-hop groups.

Deep bass, slow rhythm drums and an intelligent, relaxing jive that makes them one of the few groups that everyone wished still existed.  I had the honor of seeing these guys live when they reunited a few summers ago, and damn were they funky.  I recommend this group to the fans of music who analyze and really get into jazzy lyrics and chill beats.  So if you’re bumping house,trance, gucci, wakka,lateef or jimmy eat world, these guys are not for you.  Reason why? You are either a) not hip enough, b) too hip, c) bending over for deadmau5, d) on your knees for deadmau5, e) waiting for the new OFWGKTA or f) Abraham Finkelstein.

Peep a few off their debut album, Reaching (A new refutation of time and space)

DL: Digable Planets-Pacifics

DL: Digable Planets-Jimmi Diggin Cats **

*semi-sonic does not deserve a link

**Once again, a dope use of sampling Summer Madness by kool and the gang.

P.S. I do enjoy deadmau5 music and has anyone seen the latest Wakka video, shit is crazy. I post it but I don’t want whiiite to become a porn site.  Jesus.

This post is dedicated to pre-2001 Fort Greene, Brooklyn.
+shout out to Uglyface who corrected my  error on the kool and the gang/will smith mix up.


Notable concerts to check out

February 17, 2011

So it is a beautiful day in New York today.  Got me thinking about some future concerts coming up.  Slightly Stoopid is finishing off their winter tourQueens of the Stone Age is hitting the road playing their entire self-title debut album.  Atmosphere is ready to tear it up with Ant being accompanied by a live band.  Soundgarden is writing new material meaning a tour will eventually come out of it.  Chris Cornell is touring tho, therefore you can get your “Outshine” fix on.  Lupe Fiasco is playing some sick shows.  I’ll be going to all the New York shows, but for those not in new york here are some links to see if anyone is coming to a town near you. I almost forgot, the Deftones will be ripping heads out in the near future as well.