Censorship or bad musicians?

March 29, 2011


After reading Evyppo’s post on B.O.B. being the worst person in the world to breathe and walk, it got me thinking.  Is the reason why music is so quick, pointless and meaningless due to censorship or shitty musicians?

When Tipper Gore wanted a sticker to be put on records to explain to children, with bad parents, that there might be curse words heard throughout a song,  did she ever think how soul-less music would become?  Personally, I don’t think she cared as long as she had her rabbit vibrator later on that evening.  Anyway, with or without a sticker, the way music is marketed now-a-days leaves little room for controversy in major media outlets.  No record label wants to sell something controversial or different, unless it is already cool and making money.

However, blogs, forums or any other social media can completely go around all of this.  For Christ sakes, whiiite has been posting about EARL and Tyler, the Creator with all their raping, drugs and more rape.  The internet has allowed for censorship to become pointless.  How easy is it to sign up for a youtube account with a fake age saying you are over 18, 21 or 99 years old? Pretty easy.

Here is the problem that many artists think they face.  They think without radio play, itunes promotion, or even music video distribution, that their music cannot be heard.  Hopefully they can realize that they should make music with every intent on being themselves.  Kill two birds with one stone, make music for yourself knowing that there are people out there who will listen along because it is genuinely enjoyed..

Jazz, rock and roll, Elvis, the Beatles, Hip-Hop, Britney Spears and Motley Crue all faced criticism for dumb house wives who have nothing to do until 9pm at night with their slimelines.  How did these groups become so successful?  They toured and gained fans before they were a trend.  They were different.  I mean, Pantera was a glam metal band before they were the cowboys from hell.  Chuck D was a radio personality.  They worked hard, developed sound and personality.

Don’t worry about major media outlets, when you make great music, they come to you.  It’s not like Eazy-E gave a fuck about being like De La Soul.  He just wanted to be ruthless and make money through glorifying drugs, even though he probably never bought more than a pound of weed in his life.

So back to my original question: is music crappy because of censorship or bad musicians?  My answer is a joint venture of wimpy musicians afraid of trying something new due to record labels. No one wants to end up like LASERS, or this.  So yes, censorship is partially to blame, but with the internet existing, musicians can finally express themselves and easily avoid censorship.  Musicians need to stop worrying about being rich right off the bat if they truly are an artist.  If they don’t, they’ll end up like B.O.B., censored and having no respect in the one field they want to be respected.  So fuck off B.O.B., I hope Tyler crashed that *faggot ass plane into your fucking stupid looking fucking face who jacks beats from quest and makes songs sound like **Justin Beiber is fisting your rectum.

No one wanted to sign RATM, now they are easily the most recognizable face of political rock in the last 30 years.  Yo evypoo, remember how sick rage was a few years ago?

*No offense was meant to women and men with the obscene language.  I have no problem against you.  I was referencing a lyric by Tyler, the Creator for those offended about what I want him to do to B.O.B.  Don’t be so quick to judge.

*fuck off Beiber fans



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