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Single Review- Starting Six- Yogi

March 31, 2011

Starting Six drops this a few months back.  the video is finally getting airplay on the West Coast, so why not review it on the beat of the East, right?  Unlike thirsty, this song isn’t as hard hitting.  However, the chorus, the slang and snare all hit decently.  I am definitely more of a fan of their faster pace songs, but who would disagree with hitting it yogi.  Some replay value, lyrics are average and the song takes a few listens to grow on you.

7/10. The lumber wood line is kind of corny.  If Jim Jones said it, then it be considered clever.  Oh how the hip-hop world works.

Shout out to the Yogi.

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Single Review: Bobby Brackins featuring Dev- A1

March 30, 2011

Bobby Brackins, the 143 stunna, has released his latest video for A1.  Don’t be jealous that your style is not A1.  You’re not the best steak sauce, so get off.  Anyway, Dev, the girl singer from the G6 single, provides another catchy hook.  Brackins is lyrically equivalent to a Wiz Khalifa before he rose to fame.  Shout to starting 6 with allowing to have a new hybrid dance move for when I am drunk.  The 6 to A1 hand switch


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Throwback: Gucci Mane f. Lil’ B – Break Yourself (Diplo Remix)

March 30, 2011

In celebration of Gucci dropping another mixtape that I won’t listen to, here’s a song that fucking blew me away the other day when I heard it on shuffle solely because it samples ATB’s trance classic 9 P.M..  That’s it, there’s nothing else really good it about it.

DL:  Gucci Mane f. Lil’ B – Break Yourself (Diplo Remix) (320 kbps)

DL:  ATB – 9 P.M. (‘Til I Come) (192 kbps)

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Kanye West’s Beat Tape From 2001

March 30, 2011

For hip-hop nerds: 26 streaming Kanye West beats from 2001.  Pretty crazy that one of the biggest superstars in music today was mashing up beats on his MPC in his basement ten years ago.  Most of these are a far cry from the soul-sampling songs he became famous for like “Heart of the City” and “Through the Wire”, and unfortunately these tracks are far from those;  a lot of them have weak electronic melodies and rinky effects, but overall it’s still worth a listen just out of the curiosity of hearing what a beat tape sounded like ten years ago relative to what hip-hop production is today.  Check especially for Track 22, which has the same sample as Dilated People’s “Love and War” and Track 4 which has the same sample as one of the tracks from Donuts.


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Censorship or bad musicians?

March 29, 2011


After reading Evyppo’s post on B.O.B. being the worst person in the world to breathe and walk, it got me thinking.  Is the reason why music is so quick, pointless and meaningless due to censorship or shitty musicians? Read the rest of this entry ?


Single Review: Jessie J f. B.O.B. – Price Tag

March 28, 2011

Look, I could care less about Jessie J.  This type of song’s clearly not made for me, and one of the things I promised I’d never do when I made this website was do dumb and exploitative reviews of songs I knew I would never like in the first place.

I’m using this review as a platform to extend a personal* fuck you to B.O.B.  Don’t come on a pop song and fucking brag to me about how you’re not materialistic when you’ve sold out harder and given up your integrity more than any other rapper in the past five years to make a quick buck.  I’d rather listen to the Soulja Boy’s and the Lil’ B’s of the world 100 times over before I listened to your Atlantic-records engineered, Alex da Kid-produced, Haley Williams-sung garbage assembly-line manufactured excuse for music.  I strongly believe that this Clear Channel-approved brand of safe music is infinitely more damaging to the youth than anything Tipper Gore rallied against; it promotes a herd mentality and dampers independence, creativity and original thought.

I think it’s utterly condescending that this motherfucker put out a phoned-in token rap verse on a pop hit telling me that he’s “all about the love” – he probably wrote it in all of 25 seconds on his Iphone on the way to the bank to cash his thousandth check from “Nothin On You.”  Sacrificing your artistic integrity is fine – have fun – but don’t rub your carefully manufactured corporate persona in my face to tell me that you’re above making money.



*  On the internet, of course 🙂


Queens of the Stone Age-Terminal 5

March 28, 2011

It’s Monday March 28th, approximately 10pm and my body feels like death.  I contribute this to Queens of the Stone Age rocking the fuck out of Terminal 5 in the greatest city in the world.  QOTSA played their self-title debut album in it’s entirety to promote the re-release of it earlier this month.  This show is a pure example of why rock shows will always out perform most genres. Read the rest of this entry ?