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Samplepedia – B.I.G. Edition

March 9, 2011

By the guy holding the championship belt for “most times mistaken for a black guy” – the legendary Bobby Caldwell.

You don’t recognize this sample?

Bookmarks > Edit Bookmarks > that whiiiite > delete

More Frank White sampletastic meatiness after the break…

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MURS vs. Blue Sky Black Death – Can It Be (EvanAwake Remix)

January 24, 2011

Lots to like about this mash.  Vocals from Murs “Can It Be” (which had a great MJ sample in the original) over BSBD’s “Days are Years” which, if you havent heard them, I’d describe as the hip-hop flavored version of Explosions in the Sky.*  Apparently EvanAwake has done an entire mashup album similar to this, which I will most likely download immediately.

MURS vs. Blue Sky Black Death – Can It Be (EvanAwake Remix (320 kbps)

*and if you havent heard them, then cot damn you are missing out.  basically if they are playing in the background, they can make the most trivial & mundane moments in your life feel cinematic.

SimilarMurs & 9th Wonder – Live From Roscoe’s


Master Blazter (Dam Funk, Computer Jay, & J-1)

January 23, 2011

Dam Funk always kind of annoyed me b/c he was a) associated with peanut butter wolf and b) always coming up on search results when I was actually looking for the supremely-talented Damu the Fudgemunk.  These guys don’t “normally” play together and are accomplished on their own right.  But simply put, this is very chill and very funky, and I’m glad I came across it (and also glad as it reminds me of Clyde Frazier and one of his many famous lines following a thunderous New York Knickerbocker dunk: “Wilson Chandler the MASTER BLASTER with his ubiquitous presence electrifying the garden faithful slicing through the Bull’s matador D”).

Check out the following for a taste from the Dam Funk/Computer Love’s EP from All City’s L.A. Series Volume 7.  Dam Funk and Computer Jay trade instrumentals in this 5 song EP.  I personally prefer the Computer Love tracks, as they are similarly synth-funky, but a bit more hip-hop driven vs. Dam Funk’s sister tracks

DL:  Computer Jay – Old Hearts (320kbps)

DL:  Computer Jay – You’ve Known (320kbps)


DL:  Damu the Fudgemunk – Yes We Can (Headphones Mix) (320kbps)



ATCQ Documentary

January 23, 2011

^ Yes, these do exist.


“Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest is premiering at The Sundance Film Festival this weekend.  Peanut Butter Wolf is the music supervisor of the film, Madlib has created original music for the score.  The film is directed by Michael Rapaport.”

I am:

97% psyched that this exists.

1% disappointed by PBW (?) being the music supervisor.  You’re not J. Dilla buddy.  Stop trying.

1% redeemed that PBW is only the music supervisor and Madlib is actually creating the score.

1% weirded out in a way that Michael Rapaport did this. Though anybody involved in True Romance pretty much has a lifetime pass.


Samplepedia: Jackson 5 – All I Do is Think of You

January 21, 2011

Pop Quiz: Can you name the producer who sample this Jax5 joint and the name of the song?

Answer and DLs after the jump.

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30 Minutes of Uglyface (DJ Mix)

January 6, 2011

^ Jeff & AM (what i wouldve given to have seen them together!?!)

Birds are dropping out of the sky, your meth dealer got arrested cause he bought too much Sudafed at the pharmacy, and all everyone keeps talking about is weezy, drake, and some guy named Afrojack.  Who the fuck is Afrojack?

At least you have your uglyface mix.

Old school hip-hop with a touch of funk and soul sprinkled in.

DL: 30 Minutes of Uglyface 1.11

1. Johnny Pate – Shaft in Africa

2. Jay-Z – Show Me What You Got

3. Eric B & Rakim – Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em

4. Eric B & Rakim – Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em (Omega One Remix)

5. EPMD – Rampage (Pete Rock Remix)

6. EPMD – You Gots to Chill ’97

7. James Brown – The Big Payback

8. Total ft/ Notorious B.I.G. – Can’t You See (Remix)

9. Nas – The World is Yours

10. Jay-Z – Dead Presidents II

11. Common – Resurrection (Extra P Remix)

12. Pharcyde – Runnin’ (Rae & Christian Remix)

13. KRS-One – MCs Act Like they Don’t Know

14. Gangstarr – Words I Manifest

15. Notorious B.I.G. – Story to Tell

16. Nas – Blaze a 50

17. Afu-ra – Whirlwind Through Cities

18. Blackalicious – Make You Feel That Way

19. Eric B & Rakim – Paid in Full b/w P.M. Dawn Set Adrift on Memory Bliss (Uglyface Coldcut Remix)


Paid in Bliss

December 24, 2010

Paid in Full + Set Adrift on Memory Bliss + NSFX controller + Bananas = Opening Presents Music.  3:50 is where it gets really fun.

DL: Eric B & Rakim b/w P.M. Dawn – Paid in Bliss (Uglyface Coldcut Remix)