Samplepedia: Jackson 5 – All I Do is Think of You

January 21, 2011

Pop Quiz: Can you name the producer who sample this Jax5 joint and the name of the song?

Answer and DLs after the jump.

Answer: Dilla dog and the classic “Time: The Donut of the Heart” from Donuts, of course.  The Dilla track was later used in the Roots’ “Can’t Stop This,” the outstanding last song on 2006’s Game Theory, which was a tribute to the late producer.

J. Dilla – Time – The Donut of the Heart (192kbps)

The Roots – Can’t Stop This (128kbps)

Sorry for the low quality, but they sound great anyway and let’s be honest if you are reading this entry there is literally not any chance that you don’t already have these.



  1. Nice…I was thinking about doing a post in the future that put some of the Donuts tracks with the O.G.’s side by side…some of the flips are out of control and the splices (like “light up the spliffs” on lightworks – spliffs taken from spread and cliffs I believe) are awesome

  2. yeah, donuts is obviously incredible. the discovery of this sample, which isn’t dilla’s greatest flip ever, nonetheless was amazing as it came up on random on my ipod and i nearly crashed my car. i knew i d/l’ed the MJ discography for a reason. btw if you think that the MJ disco DL is an obvious one, it’s not. not when songs from “ben” and “christmas with the jackson 5” clog up your itunes.

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