30 Minutes of Uglyface (DJ Mix)

January 6, 2011

^ Jeff & AM (what i wouldve given to have seen them together!?!)

Birds are dropping out of the sky, your meth dealer got arrested cause he bought too much Sudafed at the pharmacy, and all everyone keeps talking about is weezy, drake, and some guy named Afrojack.  Who the fuck is Afrojack?

At least you have your uglyface mix.

Old school hip-hop with a touch of funk and soul sprinkled in.

DL: 30 Minutes of Uglyface 1.11

1. Johnny Pate – Shaft in Africa

2. Jay-Z – Show Me What You Got

3. Eric B & Rakim – Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em

4. Eric B & Rakim – Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em (Omega One Remix)

5. EPMD – Rampage (Pete Rock Remix)

6. EPMD – You Gots to Chill ’97

7. James Brown – The Big Payback

8. Total ft/ Notorious B.I.G. – Can’t You See (Remix)

9. Nas – The World is Yours

10. Jay-Z – Dead Presidents II

11. Common – Resurrection (Extra P Remix)

12. Pharcyde – Runnin’ (Rae & Christian Remix)

13. KRS-One – MCs Act Like they Don’t Know

14. Gangstarr – Words I Manifest

15. Notorious B.I.G. – Story to Tell

16. Nas – Blaze a 50

17. Afu-ra – Whirlwind Through Cities

18. Blackalicious – Make You Feel That Way

19. Eric B & Rakim – Paid in Full b/w P.M. Dawn Set Adrift on Memory Bliss (Uglyface Coldcut Remix)


One comment

  1. […] are enjoying the site.  Best week yet so far.  Sal’s killing it with his posts and the mix Adam posted is sick.  Def wanna try to get some different music going this week – got the […]

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