ATCQ Documentary

January 23, 2011

^ Yes, these do exist.


“Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest is premiering at The Sundance Film Festival this weekend.  Peanut Butter Wolf is the music supervisor of the film, Madlib has created original music for the score.  The film is directed by Michael Rapaport.”

I am:

97% psyched that this exists.

1% disappointed by PBW (?) being the music supervisor.  You’re not J. Dilla buddy.  Stop trying.

1% redeemed that PBW is only the music supervisor and Madlib is actually creating the score.

1% weirded out in a way that Michael Rapaport did this. Though anybody involved in True Romance pretty much has a lifetime pass.



  1. q-tip is telling everyone to not watch this film. Supposedly there is a scene where q-tip and phife fight in front of nas or something.

  2. um… that sucks then?

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