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Still Alive

February 28, 2011

Damn yo, it’s been a hot minute.  It feels weird being now “fully unemployed” rather than “unemployed and in the pursuit of studying for a meaningless benchmark that will ultimately have no effect on my job status.”  I’m not mad tho.  I did pass the test, BTW.  Next one up mid-May.

Anyways, I’m off to Jersey for a few days, but I’ll drop some whiiite thoughts when I get back – I’ve been so chained to this thing that it feels like I’ve been gone much longer than a week.

What’s been in rotation for me lately:

Toro Y Moi – Underneath The Pine

Radiohead – King of Limbs

Domo Genesis – Rolling Papers

Earl Sweatshirt – EARL

And yeah obvi the Toro Y Moi is a heater.  Been listenin to some jazz too but I don’t even know how to incorporate that into this ignorant-ass blog.  Sometimes I think I’m only perpetuating music getting “worse.”

Speaking of which, the long-awaited Yonkers 2 Ibiza coming soon.  Hopefully back by Wednesday.


Edit:  Oh, and Knicks better.  Lol Jeff Green Lol


Shameless Self Promotion

February 7, 2011

Toomuchbrown here guys. I just wanted to throw some self-promotion out there and say that I’ve started my urban planning and traffic blog over here. It’s called Radials and since I’m a social media luddite I’m trying to get traffic anyway I can. I promise it’s not that boring.


The Launch of My “Behind the Scenes” Website

December 13, 2010

I really really want to keep this blog going.  In an effort to make the site more transparent, hold myself accountable and listen to feedback, I just launched The Science Behind A Music Blog.  There I will talk about my ideas to make the site more visible and usable so that this becomes one of the best music blogs on the internet.  I’ll keep a link to that site on the side of this one in case you’re ever interested in checking out why we do the things we do here and what our future plans are.  As always, I really appreciate feedback on the site – either leave a comment here, there or e-mail us at  I’m still undecided about whether I’ll make posts here to let you know when there are new posts there – it’ll depend on the frequency of the posts there and the amount of interest in online blog marketing from here.  Keep enjoying the site, the best is yet to come!



December 1, 2010

I don’t know how long this is going to last.  I tried doing a music blog earlier this year and I stuck with it for around two weeks before I stopped caring.  I’m actually going to use this as my “official DJ blog” – once I start putting up silly mixes and such, I’ll probably make a real site and link this up with it…if you’re good.

I was actually inspired to this by a text I got today on my break that said “West’s music is born of hip-hop, but it now includes so many varieties that it feels most accurate to call it simply Kanye.”  I swear, white people are ruining music and since I’m the prototypical person that would start a music blog, I wanted to stoke the fire a lil bit.  Obvi this blog is gonna be derivative – most of the songs I’ll prolly steal of Hype Machine.  Obvi it’ll still be fire – c’mon son.  Examples of posts:

-review of some silly song I heard on Hot 97

-another review saying how inspirational the Kanye album was

-another “exclusive stream” of the new Deadmau5 album (w/ added pretention about how much better Random Album Title is!!!)

-dumb mashup from time-to-time

-exclusive 40-minute dubstep mixes that are hotter than yours – once I get a new computer I”m gonna start Ustreaming DJ mixes (click on the ads for that to happen???!!!???!!!)

-an occasional post gloating about the Knicks and how Amar’e makes me proud to be Jewish

On the real, this will be your most exclusive source for new music.  Make it your homepage now, dunny.