Master Blazter (Dam Funk, Computer Jay, & J-1)

January 23, 2011

Dam Funk always kind of annoyed me b/c he was a) associated with peanut butter wolf and b) always coming up on search results when I was actually looking for the supremely-talented Damu the Fudgemunk.  These guys don’t “normally” play together and are accomplished on their own right.  But simply put, this is very chill and very funky, and I’m glad I came across it (and also glad as it reminds me of Clyde Frazier and one of his many famous lines following a thunderous New York Knickerbocker dunk: “Wilson Chandler the MASTER BLASTER with his ubiquitous presence electrifying the garden faithful slicing through the Bull’s matador D”).

Check out the following for a taste from the Dam Funk/Computer Love’s EP from All City’s L.A. Series Volume 7.  Dam Funk and Computer Jay trade instrumentals in this 5 song EP.  I personally prefer the Computer Love tracks, as they are similarly synth-funky, but a bit more hip-hop driven vs. Dam Funk’s sister tracks

DL:  Computer Jay – Old Hearts (320kbps)

DL:  Computer Jay – You’ve Known (320kbps)


DL:  Damu the Fudgemunk – Yes We Can (Headphones Mix) (320kbps)



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