Tim Berg – Bromance

January 3, 2011

WTF?  How bizarre is this?  Do people do this?  Do Europeans do this?  Do people in California do this?  Do Americans think Europeans do this?  Do Europeans think Americans do this?  Will this type of shit be a staple of American culture in 2020?  This is why I’m happy I don’t live in Poland or Binghamton.  This makes me want to ride around in a circle for three hours listening to Gimme The Loot.

Vocals on this track are shit, so here’s the instrumental*.

DL:  Tim Berg – Bromance (Avicii Arena Mix)

* I’m undecided on Avicii/Tim Berg/whatever.  I think he’s OK – to be honest I’m almost unsure as to why he’s gaining as much momentum as he is.  There’s something weirdly intriguing about his songs that subconsciously draws you to them.  I’d be pretty surprised if I was in a room with someone listening to one of his songs and they said they were actively blown away by them, but that said, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear someone retroactively say that Bromance or Alcoholic or Hang With Me were great.  I can at least appreciate his brand of subtle electro-house, which I know sounds as ridiculous as something like reasonable death metal.



  1. This song was okay. I got really excited during the build up melody, thinking I was going to hear something ala Strobe, but when everything else kicked in I felt like I was listening to the soundtrack for WaveRace 64

  2. Haha Waverace is dope so that’s probably why I liked this one. I see what you’re saying but it inadvertently proves my point…see if it’s not in your head in the next few days…

  3. […] had this one for a while, but just like “Bromance“, it creeps up on you with a subtle greatness.  […]

  4. I listen to rock mostly, but to every other music genre. First time I heard this song it is good composition and earworm average dance track with good vocals. After all good nice melody with video message to vomit. I think Europeans and Americans do this, but what kind of people. I am from Europe, and as far I see the video played in Vegas LOL soooo why do you ask who do this???
    Interesting blog by the way! Respect, you find good music

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