Karma’s Army

April 27, 2011

I enjoy bands that haven’t reach major audiences yet because I can clearly listen to them without a bias.  Also I’m a fan of rock.  A group that I enjoy is Karma’s Army.  A New York based group founding on a solid pocket of rhythm and bass, strong guitar riffs and a singer who doesn’t sound like a pussy or every other  vocalist out there.These guys get it.  They aren’t trying to do anything stupid.  They just write clear cut hard rock.  The layering of songs is refreshing too.  I’m so sick of verse chorus verse chorus verse chorus. YAWWWWNNNN.  Anyway check out some of their songs their bassist has sent me.  If you don’t like it, fuck off, you probably enjoy Staind.  I am excited for Karma’s Army to make their way up the ranks.

DL: Karma’s Army- Fharmasea

DL: Karma’s Army-Get in My Van


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