Atmosphere- Family Signs Album Review

April 26, 2011

So I figure while eagerly awaiting to go see Atmosphere and Blueprint tonight at Terminal 5, I give a review of Atmosphere’s latest effort, Family Signs. 

First things first, I had high expectations after their last album left me a little hungry and wanting more.  I’ll be blunt, this album leaves me hungry, but in a different way.   Slug usually raps with an honest and hurt approach when he gets serious.  He does that very well on this album.  Accompanied by amazing beats by Ant, you would think this album would be way better.

What this album lacks is a peak or a high point.  The flow of the album leaves me wanting more because I feel like Slug lost a step or two and Ant didn’t provide enough bangers to justify this album.  Each song is good in its own right, but as an album not so much.  I believe the maturity of Slug and Any is  a great thing.   Yet, they don’t have any uplifting songs that make Atmosphere the great hip-hop duo that we came to love.

I do love songs like Bad Bad Daddy tho.  The lyrics are dark, twisted and funny.  Not complicated, but not simple either.  Just For Show’s reggae style beat is awesome.  But I think the best song on the album is Ain’t Nobody.  It has some dubstep, a little harmonica and a steady drum sound.  It’s like King Tubby meets that hobo on the corner of 56th and 9th avenue.

There is plenty of potential for Atmosphere.  Let’s not forget the bad clown series.  Those EP’s were dope.  I just wish the most positive song on the album wasn’t “She’s Enough”.   I still love Atmosphere and I do enjoy this album, but there seems to be some fire missing.  This album leaves me hungry because the skill level is either no longer there for Slug, or he just isn’t using his full potential with his maturity. Hopefully evypoo can flip some of the beats and samples because they are ridiculous.

Anyone else agree that Ant is an underrated producer and beat maker?  I mean even if Slug falls short, the music behind it is amazing.  Anyway, here are some of my favorite tracks(notice how they sound dope by themselves?).  Def listen to Less One which is not on Family Signs, but the Bad Clown Sad Spring 12 ep, so effin chill when dubstep is in a beat.

Also for all you girls out there who love all things adorable(except kittens because they fucking suck and are vile to Earth), I posted the video to She’s Not Enough which has Slug’s kid in it and what not. Peep Brother Ali (the ALBINO guy) in the video around 3:40

DL: Atmosphere- Bad Bad Daddy

DL: Atmosphere-Ain’t Nobody

DL: Atmosphere-Just For Show

*DL: Atmosphere-Less One

*Appears on Sad Clown Bad Spring 12, not Family Signs

Purchase Atmosphere here

Honestly, FUCK that Beyonce song too.


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