Atmosphere and the Family Tour at Terminal 5

April 27, 2011

First off, before I get into my review of Atmosphere, I have to say Blueprint fucking killed it last night.  His new sounds reminded me of some El-P shit. Let’s get back to the main attraction, Atmosphere.

Atmosphere was a delight.  The show was packed and sold out with the exception of one ticket(rock n lulz). Their new stuff sounds amazing live.  If you read my review off their latest album, Family Signs, you would know that their new album was just good and not great in my eyes.  However, after seeing them perform some of these songs live, I have to say that these songs are intended to be heard live and in tune.  The guitars and piano loops are more resilient when the bass behind it is destroying your ear drums over a huge sound system .  The Last to Say was cool to chill and listen too because of that.  Also, She’s Enough got the crowd blazing and waving their hands in the air.

Although I enjoyed the new songs live, the classics were just as fresh.  A new mix of Between the lines along with Guns and Cigarettes back to back really kept the show’s momentum at the beginning elevated and rolling.  The crowd was younger than I expected and I could tell not many know of these songs, which is cool because it shows the true testament of Atmosphere and the fact that they have been around for a relatively long time.  Also, any song off of when life gives you lemon you paint that shit gold has a great live effect.  Just another reason why true music lovers go to shows, it just makes the music appear more vivid, with or without the added effects of alcohol or drugs.  What I’m just sayin.

Godlovesugly and Trying to Find a Balance were the peaks of the show.  Everyone was moving and rapping along.  Ant was downing beers in his leather jacket with slicked back hair.  Also mad props for ending with The Best Day. God fucking damn that’s a good song to close a show with.

Peep a fan video from a phone (sorry for the bad quality, my camera’s broke). Anyway, if anyone wants to see a fun, up to date hip-hop show, go check out Atmosphere and the rest of the Family Tour.  Check out when and where they’ll be around you right here.

FYI, fuck that stupid Hipster girl who came to the show with me.  You’re a fucking twat saying shit like this “man I hated this show, it was the same show from 5 years ago when I saw them”.  Stupid bitch, 65% of their songs played didn’t even exist 5 years ago, go fuck yourself with your negative energy.  And to the bartender that was very rude to my brother and I, enjoy listening to the atrocious sounds of rise against and panic at the disco in the next few weeks.

P.S. Fuck me for ranting


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