Single Review: Beyonce – Run The World (Girls)

April 25, 2011

I can see that you’re mad.

But why?  Why are you mad?

Is it because she hijacked Pon de Floor and now the secret is out and sorority girls will be dancing to the song that you thought was all yours?  Don’t worry, Diplo will be cashing mad paycheckz from this to make your Major Lazer 2 album.

Is it because she’s doing it without a hint of irony?  If jj did it, would it be “brilliant”????

Is it because she’s basically a glorified Fatman Scoop on this song?  Is “Be Faithful” not one of the best party songs of all time tho???

Is it because there’s no inherent deeper meaning ala your favorite Yonkers-born hermaphrodite?

Pop music is pretty frivolous, y’all.  Thank god that someone did something this shameless.  “Pon de Floor” is still as amazing as it was two years ago, and I’m sorry to say that you’ll be hearing it on Z100 very soon.  This one is gonna be massive.  Would you rather she hit up Dr. Luke to see what’s really good???


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  1. Everybody go to Youtube. Theres a remix of this single produced by this guy name Fyuchur. Even her fans love it.

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