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DJ Shadow: Stay the Course featuring Posdnuos and Talib Kweli

August 24, 2011

Dianna Agron is clearly playing dj with herself to this new DJ Shadow track.  Posdnuos comes in with that wise man swagger/swag/style and Talib as always provides an average verse.  However, Kweli has a good flow on his second part and makes up.  The horns and bass line are nice and smooth.

Fuck it, this is the best thing DJ has put out in a long long time.  Click here for the link to the song and song listing to the new Shadow album.  Just watch out for some of the few mistakes in the track listing.

8.5/10.  Oh and fuck that DJ below this post.  Shadow is in the 99.99999 percentile.  I give him 100% but the Outsider was a lil to hyphy.

P.S. the souls reference by Posdnuos is dope


The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby (4Centers Dubstep Remixxx)

December 13, 2010

If you happen to be DJing your Christmas dinner, you should break out this one midway through to get your parents eternally mad.  If this is the shit our parents find unacceptable, I can’t wait to hear the shit that we’ll find acceptable.

DL:  The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby (4Centers Dubstep Remixxx)


DL:  The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby (OG)

DL:  Talib Kweli – Lonely People