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March 14, 2011

For all the macs and dons.  Or your little sister.  Tracklist and D/L after the jump.

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My Favorite Tracks of the Past Week: 1/9/2011

January 9, 2011

I’m a 49ers fan, but I gotta give props to the Seahawks for reppin’ the NFC West the right way.  Pete Carroll can go bury himself alive for all I care, but that’s how you shut up an entire legion of armchair fans talking about redoing the playoff system to specifically fuck over the NFC West.  Us mediocre motherfuckers ain’t goin’ anywhere, god.  7-9 = so divine.  Now I’m stuck waiting until January of 2012, when Jim Harbaugh will cruise to the promise land with an “exceptional” 8-8 record and the first home playoff game for the San Francisco 49ers in NINE FUCKING YEARS.  Why do I watch sports?  Oh yeah, Amar’e better.

Speaking of Amar’e, he probably doesn’t deserve MVP, but I hope he wins it just to spite y’all.  And by y’all, I mean Bulls fans.  There’s no team I hate in sports as much as the Bulls.  Derrick Rose is overrated and will never win anything in his life and Carlos Boozer is a fifth-tier star.  Joakim good tho.  Keep making excuses for your team because you don’t have an all-star at every position.  You’ve been given every chance in the world ever since drafting Elton Brand and have been “the next great team” since then, only to habitually blow it ever year.  Please Bulls fans, tell me when the goose with the golden eggs is coming?  When The Big 3 retire?  When The Miami Big 3 retire?  When Dwight Howard leaves your conference?  When you sign another star to complement the four max-contract guys you have now?  When Kobe, Blake Griffin and Bernard King are traded to your team and MJ comes out of retirement?  We don’t believe you, you need more people.

Anyway, glad to see y’all are enjoying the site.  Best week yet so far.  Sal’s killing it with his posts and the mix Adam posted is sick.  Def wanna try to get some different music going this week – got the Janelle Monae album on deck right now and just copped that John Legend/Roots album that fell completely under the radar.  More silly single reviews and such, too.  As always, we’re looking for writers, so throw us an e-mail at if you’re interested.

ANYWAY, here are my favorite tracks I posted here this week.  Anyone else writing here, feel free to throw in yours, too:

Avicii v. Kings of Leon – Abow v. Sex On Fire

Pretty Lights – High School Art Class

Kanye West – Eyes Closed

Boys Noize – Yeah


Avicii v. Kings of Leon – Abow v. Sex On Fire

January 8, 2011

Doesn’t Avicii look like Danilo Gallinari?  Anyway, I’ve never listened to Kings of Leon before, but apparently all the cool kids are doing it.  I’m always a fan of dropping popular vocals in the middle of a house set though.  Enjoy.

DL:  Avicii v. Kings of Leon – Abow v. Sex On Fire