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Classic: Big Boi f. Khujo Goodie & Cee-Lo – Reset

March 28, 2011

Real talk, we took Big Boi for granted.  That’s probably because he was paired with the greatest rapper of all time, but still shame on us.  If Speakerboxxx came out in 2011, wouldn’t it be album of the year???  Instead, we were all trying to be mad cool in high school by talking about how experimental and different Andre singing was, when in reality it was different but like 90% mediocre.  I’ll always love that album for its personal significance to me, but if its truly remembered as one of the best albums of the past decade plus, we really lowered the bar for music.  The one positive thing I hope we can get out of this new Kid Cudi/EDM shit sprouting up is that hopefully we can cover all bases enough to stop rewarding shit just because its different.

Speaking of different, this singing thing has been cool for Cee-Lo, but he needs to fucking rap again.  At least like three verses on your album dude.  I know its awesome that you can perform on NBA All-Star weekend and have your song covered by Glee, but you’re one of the best rappers ever and you’re putting out shit like this???  White people should roll out the “Mission Accomplished” banner ASAP.

Anyways, I always loved this song.  Khujo gettin his Tupac on and Cee-Lo droppin mad knowledge.

DL:  Big Boi f. Khujo Goodie & Cee-Lo – Reset (160 kbps)

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