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Electric Zoo / Identity Lineups Released

May 5, 2011

I mentioned this last night, but I figured this deserved its own post.  EZ is three days this year and Identity is a new nationwide electronic tour with a lineup that’s an awesome complement to EZ’s lineup without much overlap.  Absolutely planning on going to both.  Dates and the preliminary lineup for Identity as well as ticket prices for EZ after the jump.

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Michael Jackson – Hollywood Tonight (Chuckie Remix)

May 4, 2011

This one’s been out for a month or two, but it never caught on with me initially.  For whatever reason, I added this to my work playlist and replayed it no less than ten times today.  I’m not a huge Chuckie fan but he gives this one the perfect touch as a potential radio banger and a nice warmup track for the summer festival circuitO yea and then this, too.  There’s really no way you can complain about these electronic festivals; the artist pool is small enough that the lineup is going to be bursting at the seams at each and every one of them.  God forbid Deadmau5 or whomever doesn’t play.  I swear, music fans are the worst.

Also hoping that the electronic community embraces MJ vocals more; his vocals are perfect for these silly Dutch tracks.  My brother DJ’d a show last week for an art auction and a bunch of kids requested that he played Michael Jackson so they could dance.  How dope is that?  How timeless will his music be?  Do you think white kids born in 2030 will be requesting Lady Gaga songs at unabashedly bougie events?

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