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De La Soul getting wreckonized

April 7, 2011

It is so fucking dope seeing De La Soul getting recognition.  Allhiphop broke the news earlier today about how De La Soul’s “Eye Know” will be preserved by the Library of Congress.

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Study Break-Digable Planets

March 2, 2011

So I’m going to start a little new trend here at whiiite.  Plenty of students listen to music to study.  Currently studying International Economic Policy, International Finance and the dynamics of why Cleveland sucks.  Everyone who has ever studied can feel my trivial, whiny complaint, right?  Even Stephen Hawking studies and he listens to *semi-sonic and yngwie malmsteen, while he projects theories of black holes and time space dimensions.

Speaking of time and space, Digable Planets were in outer space when they released their material.  They took a tribe called quest and de la soul to a whole new level on the beat making machine.  Their lyrics had the slang of ghostface, but with the swag of Guru meets Q-tip.  But, they are so different than all these guys.  Those references are only for the ones who never dug the Digable Planets, one of the quintessential jazz hip-hop groups.

Deep bass, slow rhythm drums and an intelligent, relaxing jive that makes them one of the few groups that everyone wished still existed.  I had the honor of seeing these guys live when they reunited a few summers ago, and damn were they funky.  I recommend this group to the fans of music who analyze and really get into jazzy lyrics and chill beats.  So if you’re bumping house,trance, gucci, wakka,lateef or jimmy eat world, these guys are not for you.  Reason why? You are either a) not hip enough, b) too hip, c) bending over for deadmau5, d) on your knees for deadmau5, e) waiting for the new OFWGKTA or f) Abraham Finkelstein.

Peep a few off their debut album, Reaching (A new refutation of time and space)

DL: Digable Planets-Pacifics

DL: Digable Planets-Jimmi Diggin Cats **

*semi-sonic does not deserve a link

**Once again, a dope use of sampling Summer Madness by kool and the gang.

P.S. I do enjoy deadmau5 music and has anyone seen the latest Wakka video, shit is crazy. I post it but I don’t want whiiite to become a porn site.  Jesus.

This post is dedicated to pre-2001 Fort Greene, Brooklyn.
+shout out to Uglyface who corrected my  error on the kool and the gang/will smith mix up.


De La Soul, the Andy Pettite of hip-hop

February 3, 2011

Sad day in the world of baseball.  Andy Pettitte has retired.  Before I continue, there is still a chance he could return after the all-star break next year after he testifies against Clemens.  I hope he does because who wouldn’t want a pitcher with the MOST wins all time in the playoffs back on their team.  And before the haters start to say “he did it while cheating”, you think Andy was cheating when he closed out every series in the 2009 playoffs, including the World Series and literally was one bad pitch away from beating Cliff Lee and the Rangers in 2010?

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Upcoming Releases I’m Looking Forward To

January 12, 2011

In 2011, release dates are pretty fickle given the nature of the internet and the propensity of albums being pushed back.  Still, it’s fun as a music fan to anticipate, so here are some upcoming releases I’m looking forward to, with my lolzy attempts at genre categorization:

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