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Electric Zoo / Identity Lineups Released

May 5, 2011

I mentioned this last night, but I figured this deserved its own post.  EZ is three days this year and Identity is a new nationwide electronic tour with a lineup that’s an awesome complement to EZ’s lineup without much overlap.  Absolutely planning on going to both.  Dates and the preliminary lineup for Identity as well as ticket prices for EZ after the jump.

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Throwback: Sade – By Your Side (Neptunes Remix)

May 5, 2011

Sade, Chad and Pharrell – that’s what it is.  Sade is fucking good.  I don’t even mean that in some dumb revisionist hipster ironic way – Sade is actually just fucking good.  “Smooth Operator” is fucking good.  Where does someone like Sade stand with hipsters?  I know there are the p4k scenesters who are so wrapped up in their > 8.0’s that they can’t bother and of course there are the reactionary hipsters who have to hate on the scenesters.  I don’t even know what they listen to.  Are there just regular music nerds?  I know there are music tech nerds that are still in bands and whatnot, but don’t they* just listen to Mars Volta and Coheed and Cambria?  Is there anybody under the age of 25 who listens to full albums by The Police?  Or have actually dug through the Rolling Stones discography?  Do hipsters listen to Billy Holiday?  Is there a new potential breed of hipsters that can break the glass ceiling of ironic ignorance and claim they exclusively listen to ragtime or Gregorian chanting?  Isn’t that the next step for a culture that’s built entirely around reactionary irony?  Or are we too age-centric (sp?) to care?  Is Panda Bear literally better than Roy Orbison?

Love this song tho.

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*  Like literally just Coheed and Cambria & Mars Volta??