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Classic: Brian Eno – The Big Ship

April 2, 2011

Y’all bloggers and music nerds needs to embrace y’all roots more.  No ‘tent-o, but Brian Music is basically responsible for the entire canon of music after 1973.  This one is as good if not better than the David Bowie instrumental “A New Career In A New Town,” which Eno also basically did.  How is he not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?  Is there a single awards or ceremonial committee that’s even halfway reputable?  Oh yeah, and he pretty much invented a genre, but hey, keep listening to Madonna.  No, you’re right, she really is fantastic.

DL:  Brian Eno – The Big Ship (320 kbps)

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David Bowie – A New Career In a New Town

January 20, 2011

It seems to me as if the internet’s proclivity for releasing bona fide fire has slowed down considerably in the past few weeks.  January hangover or have we collectively reached the end of the Earth creatively and no worthwhile art will ever be released again?  Maybe they don’t dance in Sweden in January.  Anyways, in the absence of anything worthwhile, I decided to download Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday and the David Bowie discography.  I think Bowie is fascinating as a musician and a person, and the fact that his public persona was completely ingenuine actually makes him more interesting to me.  Few musicians have been as diverse as him, and although he may have been an opportunist to some degree, the fact that he successfully pulled off several different personas speaks to his talent and at the very least his stage presence.

ANYWAY, I’ve been listening to Low a lot lately, and although I haven’t formed a full opinion of the album, this instrumental track stood out to me for the first listen.  The backing melody is upbeat, but Bowie’s wailing harmonica gives a sense of misery and perfectly displays the conflicting emotions of trying something new and exciting while being incredibly afraid and lonely.  Already one of my favorite instrumentals of all time, enjoy.

DL:  David Bowie – A New Career In a New Town (196 kbps)