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Single Review: Jessie J f. B.O.B. – Price Tag

March 28, 2011

Look, I could care less about Jessie J.  This type of song’s clearly not made for me, and one of the things I promised I’d never do when I made this website was do dumb and exploitative reviews of songs I knew I would never like in the first place.

I’m using this review as a platform to extend a personal* fuck you to B.O.B.  Don’t come on a pop song and fucking brag to me about how you’re not materialistic when you’ve sold out harder and given up your integrity more than any other rapper in the past five years to make a quick buck.  I’d rather listen to the Soulja Boy’s and the Lil’ B’s of the world 100 times over before I listened to your Atlantic-records engineered, Alex da Kid-produced, Haley Williams-sung garbage assembly-line manufactured excuse for music.  I strongly believe that this Clear Channel-approved brand of safe music is infinitely more damaging to the youth than anything Tipper Gore rallied against; it promotes a herd mentality and dampers independence, creativity and original thought.

I think it’s utterly condescending that this motherfucker put out a phoned-in token rap verse on a pop hit telling me that he’s “all about the love” – he probably wrote it in all of 25 seconds on his Iphone on the way to the bank to cash his thousandth check from “Nothin On You.”  Sacrificing your artistic integrity is fine – have fun – but don’t rub your carefully manufactured corporate persona in my face to tell me that you’re above making money.



*  On the internet, of course 🙂


The Hood Internet – Ignition (Keep It Remixing Louder) (R. Kelly x Major Lazer)

March 28, 2011

DJs: add this one to your sets immediately.  You can throw anything over this beat and have it kill, so why not have the best R&B singer of the last twenty years??  Wouldn’t have minded a final drop of the Nina Sky hook but I still love this.  The DJ nerd in me wants to download some amateur acapella packs and see how many mashups I can pull over this beat – you could get Gil Scott-Heron over this one and it would still be more poppin than the latest Dr. Luke jawn.

DL:  The Hood Internet – Ignition (Keep It Remixing Louder) (320 kbps)


DL:  Major Lazer f. Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze – Keep It Going Louder (213 kbps)

DL:  Major Lazer & La Roux – Keep It Fascinating (320 kbps)

SimilarThe Hood Internet – Real You (Lil’ B x Gold Panda) / R. Kelly – When a Woman Loves


YONKERS 2 IBIZA – The Sit-At-Home-And-Have-Your-Own-Ultra Mixtape

March 25, 2011

For all of us losers who couldn’t make it to Ultra.  90 minutes of power pop and hot beats.  Recorded live from the other day.  Tracklist after the jump.  You can D/L it right from the Soundcloud link.

SimilarIce Cream Social Mixtape / New Year’s Mix

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Lady Gaga – Born This Way (Dada Life Remix) & (Michael Woods Remix)

March 16, 2011

These are definitely the best “Born This Way” remixes so far.

DL: Lady Gaga – Born This Way (Dada Life Remix) (320kbps)

DL: Lady Gaga – Born This Way (Michael Woods Remix) (320kbps)




Kerli – Army Of Love Remixes

March 16, 2011

Kerli is an upcoming pop artist from Estonia that i’ve been tracking for a few years ever since the Armin remix of “Walking on Air”. First of all she’s gorgeous, but her last album was more of a gothic rock album and now her upcoming new songs are more on the pop side (probably in hopes to better her career). I love her gothic look though, and her video for “Walking on Air” was pretty fuckin cool. Anyway her new song “Army Of Love” got some house refreshes and are pretty good. I’m enjoying them anyway. Obviously she’s huge in Estonia, I kind of hope she makes it big here since I do love her voice which she projects nicely in some of her songs and I love the way she presents herself. I love the Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix, and Armins Dub Mix of “Walking on Air” because it has this erie creepy dollhouse feel to it. checkem out!

DL: Kerli – Army Of Love (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix) (320kbps)

DL: Kerli – Army Of Love (Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda Extended Remix) (320kbps)

DL: Kerli – Army Of Love (WaWa Remix) (320kbps)


DL: Kerli – Walking On Air (Armin Van Buuren Dub Mix) (32okbps)

DL: Kerli – Walking On Air (Armin Van Buuren Vocal Club Mix) (32okbps)

DL: Kerli – Walking On Air (Ralphi Rosario & Craig J Club Mix) (320kbps)




March 14, 2011

For all the macs and dons.  Or your little sister.  Tracklist and D/L after the jump.

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The White Panda – Pandamonium

March 5, 2011

I just found a Frank Sinatra song on my computer called “Makin Whoopee”.  How dope is that???  Anyways, these gods are killing the mashup game right now.  40 pop/hip-hop mashups that should kill any party (OR GREEK FORMAL) you’re DJing in the near future.  Liked this one a lot more than Girl Talk’s latest for whatever it’s worth.  Hoping they release unmixed versions of these because I’d love to use pretty much all of these.  Grab the whole thing (pay how much you want nothing) here.

DL:  The White Panda – Hate Dynamite (320 kbps)

DL:  The White Panda – Black And Naw (320 kbps)

DL:  The White Panda – Infinite Dream (320 kbps)