Best Remixes Ever.

August 8, 2011

Remember when remixes actually contain new elements? Remember when remixes focused more on changing the song then just adding every rapper who would take a shit for a dollar? Remember when Poppa p diddy pump thought he actually created the remix?(although you could say it was due to him changing juicy that the first remix was created)  Remember when white boys didn’t have blogs?  Remember when people actually had to listen to full albums and put time into listening to music instead of just prowling on the internet?

Fuck the internet has ruined the music industry and music in general.  Whatever, fuck the tea party, loser liberals, greedy republicans, myself and most importantly this guy.  Here are my favorite remixes, where the remix is better than the original.

First off Pete Rock’s remix of Shut em Down by Public Enemy.  Listening to the horns just makes the song so amped.

Black Moon  and Da Beatminerz made some crazy hits.  But their true versatility can be seen in the remix of their very own song I got Cha Opin.

Masta Ace is an underrated lyricist.  His wordplay and delivery cannot be matched.  Which is why I love his flow and lyrics over the remixed to “Jeep Ass Ni**a”.

I’m including this last one not because it is better than the original, but because it is clearly dope.

Oh and this little gem too.

Damn the dow keeps on dropping, kind of like albums by Curren$y.


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