This Summer’s hip-hop

July 21, 2011

So it turns out I have Vertigo(no not that shitty U2 album).  Basically, I’m an even bigger bum and now have even more time to pretentious-ly rate music.  Luckily, this summer has provided some hip-hop that I can enjoy.  First off I’ll start with Otis by Kanye West Jay-z.

Otis is decent. I’m not the biggest fan of Jay-Z since he is a money chasing, trend follower, over rated lyricist, but he has some good rhymes.  Kanye is his typical “I cannot pronounce half the words my clothing says” self, but even he has some decent lines.  The beat is good, but the ending does no justice to Otis Redding.  Otis is great, but Otis Redding is even better. sorry for the bad quality, I’ll update it once illegal measures cannot be stopped.

Up next is Random Axe.  Their self title debut was my favorite hip-hop album this summer. The rhymes are great, the rappers aren’t pussies,  Sean P once again shines and the beats are bangers.  Black Milk’s production is dope and with the exception of a few weak verses by Simpson and 2 or 3 from Milk, this is an above average, fully enjoyable hip-hop record.

I said Random Axe ‘was” my favorite album of the summer until I heard Monumental.  Smif N Wessun has one of the greatest albums from the early 90’s New York hard-core rap scene with Dah Shinin.  Their latest effort produced entirely by Pete Rock has some great jawns and joints.  This album is less Smif n Wessun duck down style, and more Pete Rock circa solo career beats mixed with lyrics that represent what Smif N Wessun is all about.  This album is ridiculous.  If any one album out this summer, that could produce a long-lasting summer effect, it would be Monumental.

Even though Monumental might be my favorite album this summer, Pusha T provides me with my favorite song so far, Trouble on my Mind.  Tyler the Creator produced the beat and provides what you would expect with lyrics(cleverly raunchy verses with shout outs to wolf gang).  Pusha easily flows over this track and even reminds me of his earlier Clipse lyrics over N*E*R*D beats.  I actually wish Tyler’s Goblin had more verses like his on Trouble on My Mind.

Curren$y’s Weekend at Burnies aint half bad either, but I’m not going to post any music from it.

Instead I’ll post other music that makes it feel like summer.(Midnight Marauders is not only the BEST hip-hop album ever, it is also best played in the Summer, beginning of Spring and the coldest nights of Winter, lolzzzzz)

For those who haven’t heard, David Dallas feat Freddie Gibbs.

and the essence of summer

oh and fuck country music and kenny chesney.  Fucking weak ass honky music.


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