311-Universal Pulse

July 18, 2011


Man does Universal Pulse suck.  I am a huge fan of 311 from their album Music to Evolver.  After Evolver, they just lost touch, started playing same setlist, bringing the absolute worst people to Central Park for concerts and making absolutely boring albums.  I’m going to give a listen to Transistor to remind me of when 311 made great music.

I’m not even going to give an in depth review of Universal Pulse.  Instead, listen to any other 311 album.  I’m serious, I do not like Don’t Tread on Me or Uplifter, but those albums had at least 1 or 2 listenable tracks.  I think 311 should take like a 5 year hiatus or something and get back to their roots.

0/10 This post isn’t even worth spell checking.



  1. hate to say it but i agree. im also a huge 311 fan and was really gonna give them a chance on this. but wtf. its like horrible its hard to imagine how bad it is. sunset in july is pretty good, but the entire rest just blows.

  2. i liked DTOM and even Uplifter alot. But there is NOTHING special or different about universal pulse. I guess its still good music, they didnt really sell out either. Theres just nothing special about it at all. Its bland. Theres nothing obscure about it. They dont step it up at all. FUCK BOB ROCK.

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