Single Review: 50 Cent- Outlaw

June 21, 2011

Now I support other Queens rappers i.e. Nas and the infamous.  I enjoyed Get Rich or Die Tryin, but other than that, 50 cent has not impressed me over his last few ventures (wishing 50 would rap about being a business man and partnering with Chris Lighty)

Anyway, this song doesn’t blow me out of the waters, but it beats whatever new dance craze from the south or the LA scene.  Yet, the beginning of the song reminds me of lollipop by Lil Wayne, which is not a smart thing to do if you named your song outlaw.  However, it has replay value, there are some good lines in it and the beat slowly grows.  I do anticipate to hear some new music from 50 because of this song and he does have potential to put together a decent album(I don’t think he’ll ever match Get Rich or Die Tryin).



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