Single Review: Nas-Nasty

June 14, 2011

Here is the latest from Nas.  I dig the old school drum loop.  Overall, the beat is extremely simplistic, but Nas has a smooth flow over it.

“My jewelry  is in HD” is my favorite line off this track.  The whole line from his mentioning of Michael Jackson on is pretty good male bravado rap too.  Although, Nas can do way better.  His new album(any of Nas’s albums) has the potential to be great(just look at illmatic, it was written, stillmatic, God’s Son, untitled).  This song however, is a little to close to “Where Are they Now?” in terms of beat production for me to really get behind it.

7.5/10 (I rank rappers I enjoyed over my short life way tougher than mainstream pop artists, because I’ll take a shitty Nas joint for the rest of my life than a song that reach’s it’s pinnacle 40 seconds into the first verse)  Yea, I’m bias towards weaker artist, wanna fight about it?  But I do like this song more than most rap on the radio now-a-days, but this song is only for real hip-hop fans.

Purchase Nas here.


One comment

  1. i just like the idea of bringing that old wood sound back, to stay in touch with the roots of where it all started whilst extending his product life cycle, i mean imagine nas tryina relate by spitting over these new neon sounds and rhyming like he did, c’mon. overall, sick flow, but average (usual) salaam beat, but he does need to break new moulds and markets though…this ain 1992.

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