Throwback: Souls of Mischief-93 till Infinity

May 10, 2011

With everyone trying to proclaim Goblin as a potential classic before it even gets a chance to settle, I figure I’ll give some hip-hop heads a reminder of a true classic album by Souls of Mischief.  93 till Infinity is a must have for all hip-hop heads.  Ridiculous flows, dope rhymes, amazing beats, a unique sound and timeless classics.

It’s amazing that so many people have not have the pleasure of listening to these guys.  Filled with west coast slang, a mature point of view on gang-banging and just great rapping makes 93 till Infinity one of the best hip-hop albums ever.  I personally rank this as my favorite West Coast album.  Maybe its my backpack being too full or the fact that I’m not some honky who gets all horny pretending to be some hip-hop god cause I know Biggie’s first name or something like that, but I can guarantee anyone who is a fan of Kanye, Drake, Wiz, Currency, Del, Murs or whoever puts some effort into lyrics, will enjoy the masterpiece that is 93 Till Infinity by Souls of Mischief.

The first verse to Make Your Mind Up by A+  is amazing.
Hieroglyphics is
Gonna twist a kids cerebellum
If he lives, then I tell im
Ill leave his head swellin
When tellin fellas about the 5-6,
Live its me investigatin fly chicks privates
I got a plan, I got a plan, a strategy
Adam be mad. a g mad at me cuz I got a phatta salary
Actually, you will be cookin like bottom rhymin
Never top, cuz youll never stop the atom bombin
Hiroshima, nagasaki
Dont copy
The manuscript
Man, you slipped
Youre sloppy
Joe schmo, never no more
Im clever and youre
Never gonna score
Cuz Im sure
Im better and pure
Like cannibus
And if its possible
Ill drop a new
Line with the lyrics
Live with the spirit and soul
I got plenty in me
With yo ho, yup,
Cuz Im the man and you can read it in genesis
The a-p-l-u-s
One and the same,
Runnin the game on fly chicks
Real tight,
So they feel right
With the 5-6
And its like that,
And thats how it is, g
The skins I cross
Get tossed like a frisbee
Search and find lines of life in my scripture
Screens make me seen
So the keen get the picture*

Peep Pep Love’s Ascension too if you want another solid album by the hieroglyphics crew.
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