Tyler, the Creator – Tron Cat

May 7, 2011

So Goblin leaked and it’s already the most divisive album of the year.  Will you like it?  Depends…are you 17?  I like Tyler and I haven’t understood all of his backlash; yes he’s obnoxious and overstated and desperate for attention but his talent is clearly there – for fuck’s sake he rapped, produced and directed the video for Yonkers.  Unfortunately, he now seems a little too obsessed with everyone’s interpretation of him; the album is bookended by “serious jawns” and one song even has a disclaimer before it.  By the number of >6 minute songs (& one instrumental near the end!), it’s pretty obvious that he tried to make a classic here, but at this point in time he doesn’t have the composure nor subtlety to do that.  As a talking point I actually immensely enjoyed the production on this album & I think the OF crew really does have a future because they can be carried by the sound of two elite, completely original beatmakers (Tyler & LeftBrain).

So yeah, the album is pretty much a combination of serial killer fantasies and “But I’m actually deep” introspective tracks, and because I’m me I obviously prefer the former, although I wish his adoration of Eminem wasn’t so obvious on every track.  “Tron Cat” makes you forget all of this bullshit and enjoy Tyler for the reason you got into him in the first place.

DL:  Tyler, the Creator – Tron Cat (192 kbps)

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  1. eminem is funny and has a sense of humor. tyler the juggalo takes himself really seriously

  2. dude this one is word-for-word a slim shady-era eminem track

  3. Some of it even reminds me of the rawkus record era eminem. Idk if you group that with his first two major LP’s.

    For someone who hates Tyler the Wu-Tang Juggalo so much, he seems to know so much about his style. In the closet OFWGKTA fan or just hatin?

    Evypoo how dope is yellow/white’s beats? Left Brain has so much potential.

  4. […] everyone trying to proclaim Goblin as a potential classic before it even gets a chance to settle, I figure I’ll give some […]

  5. i guess i was too young to know about the media blitz surrounding the slim shady lp. maybe pre-internet the press was different. either way odd future have soulja boy’s former manager—> similar career trajectory? http://thephoenix.com/Boston/news/120228-odd-future-blew-up-out-of-nowhere-but-they-didnt/

  6. I don’t really know how or why this all popped off so quickly. Tyler is like a rap Chris Boelson. OF is a cool concept group who was/is exciting because they’re completely insular and have a left-field sound. Not saying they’re the same musically but they have the same brand appeal as Wu-Tang. Not sure why people are getting so defensive for or against them

  7. Because whiiite people are dumb on all accounts. People show up to their show and mosh to Rebecca Black’s Friday.

    Odd Future will probably end up more like the diplomats. They’ll reach their peak, argue a little and have a consistent following, but never really maintain their high market share. Tyler the Diplomat!

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