Single Review: Lady Gaga – Judas

May 7, 2011

O, so this is why ppl hate Kanye.  I suppose that peppering in arbitrary symbolism to your videos doesn’t in fact give you “artistic integrity.”  Wait, you do know that being different doesn’t make you necessarily “good” right?  Especially when your music sounds exactly like all of the other music that’s out right now?  At the end of the day you’re still a pop artist.  I was gonna go on this huge rant about America’s obsession with stardom especially in the social media age and our obsession with the “it” factor and our collective increasing belief that we all have “it” despite our decreasing talent and work ethic, but it’s not even worth it.  I guess I’m just mad that she’s being rewarded for making a retread of an older single simply because she called it “Judas” and threw a bunch of crosses into the video.

Shit’s catchy tho.


Purchase Lady Gaga:  Itunes

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