Single Review: Starting Six-Dale Shake Featuring Do Proper, YMTK

May 5, 2011

You know what is whiiite.  Sampling Oasis’s Wonderwall. And that is exactly what Nic Nac does.  In my opinion, Rye has the best verse along with YMTK.  Nic Nac changed up his beat style, which a) shows his versatility and b) shows what he is experimenting with.  Since party rappers all all the rage right now, it’s nice to see Berkeley style get some love (for real go eat a gordo’s burrito, so fucking delicious) 

Although I do not enjoy this as much as Thirsty or Paper Planes, it still has a great summer feel to it.  I don’t know if the loop in the background is a sample or just made off of fruity loops, but I dig the sound.  So peep it once you are done checking out the EZ lineup.  Either way I’ll still be smashing  Yogi style all cinco de mayo day long.

7.5/10 Purchase Starting 6 music here

Can’t we all just be on our John Mayer’s shit talking about daughters?  Imagine all the Eskimo brothers out there through daughters.


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