Hirshee f. Tonye Aganaba – So Good

April 16, 2011

Fresh New Tracks is pretty much a landfill of songs from garbage white rappers and dudes who produce “dubstep” remixes in their stepmother’s houses in cities like Rochester and Tallahassee.  It’s gotten to the point where the bolder, bigger and italic-er the font on the “Must Download” note next to songs are, the more I’m convinced to completely avoid those songs .    Much like 2DopeBoyz is an aggregate of what white 16-year olds listen to, Fresh New Tracks is an aggregate of what white 19-year olds listen to.  Hakuna matata.

So yeah I obviously got this song from there and obviously I’m a little ashamed to say it’s fire.  New rule:  I only want to listen to dubstep that’s like 160 bpms+ like Bassnectar and that Rusko remix from way back when.  The silly basslines were novel at first, but the only way to keep them relevant is if the track is fast enough to maintain their energy.  Second new rule:  I’m only fucking with vocal tracks for the next few weeks; it’s too nice out and I need some soul in my soulless electronic music.  Take that Zero 76 FLAC off of your Serato playlists.

DL:  Hirshee f. Tonye Aganaba – So Good (320 kbps)

Purchase HirsheeSoundcloud

SimilarRusko f. Amber Coffman – Hold On (Sub Focus Remix)


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