Sade f. Jay-Z – The Moon and The Stars Remix

April 13, 2011

Right off the bat:  I really couldn’t care less about IPO Hov’s appearance on this track.  I imagine that Decoded hasn’t sold as many copies as expected, so Superman needs to put away his ignorant shell and become conscious Hov again to please the whiiite crowd that’s broken his heart recently.  I mean that’s who he’s mourning in this verse right???

But yo, 40 yo.  Just killed the beat.  I know this motherfucker’s not in here sampling Boards of Canada and shit.  I read that some purists were complaining that he slowed down Sade’s voice for so long, but I’ve been in my ignorant cocoon of house remixes for so long that I’ve literally never listened to Sade in my life.  I hope this low-tempo sound stays around because it really can hit hard.  I really think it has a lot of potential and I love The Weeknd, but that album makes me feel like I’m in a brothel at 7 A.M. or on an upstate SUNY school campus.  No pause, I respect Sade’s pipes.  Included “Soldier of Love” which I’m literally just listening to for the first time now as a bonus.

The Moon and The Stars Remix:

Bonus:  Soldier of Love:

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  1. Decoded has sold VERY well. What are you talking about?

  2. Roflcopter

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