De La Soul getting wreckonized

April 7, 2011

It is so fucking dope seeing De La Soul getting recognition.  Allhiphop broke the news earlier today about how De La Soul’s “Eye Know” will be preserved by the Library of Congress.

This is the HUGE for the most underrated group in hip-hop history.  They created the underground before people starting digging into tunnels.  They were backpackers before Kanye West made it trendy.  They were alternative to gangster and hardcore rap.  God damn it is amazing, that “Eye Know” is being preserved.  That means in 50 years when Jon Stewart’s second son takes presidency, he will have the option to DITC of the Library of Congress and find this jam in its entirety and originality.

Great music is timeless.  De La Soul is one gigantic reason why hip-hop become so universal.  De La relates on so many levels, yet, not many people will throw their names in with the greats.  Their counterparts, A Tribe Called Quest gets more respect, even though their sound derives from De La.  De La Soul is witty, clever, intelligent, scary, timeless, classic, ill, sick, black, white, dope, fresh, chill, energetic and everything in between yall.  Peep the specific song being reserved. Then check out the rest and sip the broads like 7up, so refreshing.

Enjoy these other classics off the quintessential De La Soul album.*

*Although 3 feet high and rising is historically more important due to the signature sample styling of De La and Prince Paul, you must check out Stakes is High and The Grind Date.

Saw Rock co. Kane flow live a few years back, to this day I never seen anything more hip-hop.

Fuck Kanye, he’ll never be a De La Soul.  De La circumcised the track, Kanye is just a dick.

Purchase De La Soul songs on iTunes.


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