Single Review- Starting Six- Yogi

March 31, 2011

Starting Six drops this a few months back.  the video is finally getting airplay on the West Coast, so why not review it on the beat of the East, right?  Unlike thirsty, this song isn’t as hard hitting.  However, the chorus, the slang and snare all hit decently.  I am definitely more of a fan of their faster pace songs, but who would disagree with hitting it yogi.  Some replay value, lyrics are average and the song takes a few listens to grow on you.

7/10. The lumber wood line is kind of corny.  If Jim Jones said it, then it be considered clever.  Oh how the hip-hop world works.

Shout out to the Yogi.

Purchase here: NicNac beats

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One comment

  1. […] peep it once you are done checking out the EZ lineup.  Either way I’ll still be smashing  Yogi style all cinco de mayo day […]

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