Kanye West’s Beat Tape From 2001

March 30, 2011

For hip-hop nerds: 26 streaming Kanye West beats from 2001.  Pretty crazy that one of the biggest superstars in music today was mashing up beats on his MPC in his basement ten years ago.  Most of these are a far cry from the soul-sampling songs he became famous for like “Heart of the City” and “Through the Wire”, and unfortunately these tracks are far from those;  a lot of them have weak electronic melodies and rinky effects, but overall it’s still worth a listen just out of the curiosity of hearing what a beat tape sounded like ten years ago relative to what hip-hop production is today.  Check especially for Track 22, which has the same sample as Dilated People’s “Love and War” and Track 4 which has the same sample as one of the tracks from Donuts.


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