Queens of the Stone Age-Terminal 5

March 28, 2011

It’s Monday March 28th, approximately 10pm and my body feels like death.  I contribute this to Queens of the Stone Age rocking the fuck out of Terminal 5 in the greatest city in the world.  QOTSA played their self-title debut album in it’s entirety to promote the re-release of it earlier this month.  This show is a pure example of why rock shows will always out perform most genres.

The intensity, atmosphere, movement, alcohol drank, blacking out, pits and sweat cannot be matched.  No house show, hip-hop show, jazz show has ever made me more happy to be a fan of music than a group like Queens of the Stone Age. Don’t get me wrong, hip-hop shows are amazing (i.e. de la soul, quest, the roots etc…), jazz shows can blow you away with technicality and house shows can be ridiculous with the right mix, but rock shows just capture everything that makes people feel apart of something bigger and better.  I knew the entire set list before the show even started and yet I was blown away with how great the self-title album sounded.

Josh Homme infuses his personality into the music, but does not make it smug or arrogant.  QOTSA also provides a diverse crowd, where you will actually see women rocking out unlike a KORN show.  Trust me, there won’t be any annoying teeny boppers screaming, tripping over their feet to the latest lyrics to fall out boy or whatever lame pop/rock group is out right now.  Fuck tat shit, give me straight up hard rock any day.  “Regular John” opens the show with a thundering guitar rift.  “If Only’ elevates the energy of the crowd to a destructible level and that’s all within the first 15 minutes of the show.  The energy stay that way the whole time too.  Everyone was moving, headbanging, in a pit or starring in awe.  Great crowd and a great sound to match it.

Here are some videos: not great sound quality, but like I said before, just go to a concert and stop dicking around.

See you at Atmosphere and Deftones.


One comment

  1. QOTSA will forever be the best band ever. But, also Foo Fighters- “Wasting Light,” new record is out 4/12!! Have you heard the new song, “Rope”? http://rope.foofighters.com/

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