Study Break-Soundgarden

March 25, 2011

Before Nirvana turned their punk sound into what people would later think is grunge, before Pearl Jam sold tickets NOT through ticketmaster, before Alice in Chains went into the flood again, there was Soundgarden.  Soundgarden were the perennial rockers of Seattle.  Led by the riffs of Kim Thayil, the insane rhythm section of Matt Cameron and Ben Sheperd(Yes , Hiro Yamaoto too) and the fearless vocals of Chris Cornell, Soundgarden helped transform a Seattle trend into the defining sounds of the early 90’s.  Everyone says Grunge died when Kurt Cobain blew his overrated, at certain times, brain all over a wall, but true fans of grunge knew it died when Soundgarden broke up in 1996.

Early in their careers, Soundgarden were heavy with crazy feedback and distortion.  They evolved into a more mature and developed sound.  This was a main factor in their breakup because Thayil wanted to stay heavy, but Cornell wanted to change his sound.  And with Cornell’s last solo album, produced by Timberland, you can definitely side with Thayil.

Anyway, Soundgarden could rock crowds with great use of different time signatures and solid riffs.  Add in Cornell’s powerful voice and you get a unique sound that cannot be duplicated or replicated.  No group can even come close to Soundgarden’s sound(or Alice in Chains too).  Nirvana was simply a punk band at times and unless you are the best punk group, you’re going to sound like other groups.  Pearl Jam was ripped off by Stone Temple Pilots and Creed of all bands with the mimicked of Eddie Vedder’s voice.  However, Soundgarden cannot be touched. Enjoy some of my favorite songs by them.

sick saxophone solo

DL: Soundgarden- Ty Cobb (256 kbps VBR)

DL: Soundgarden- Like Suicide (256 Kbps VBR)

I still haven’t figure out how to stream or do that cut post, and being that Evypoo hates soundgarden, I leave it up.

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