Pusha T – Fear of God

March 24, 2011

I think it’s a little telling when the best song on your mixtape is a shade of the music your group made almost ten years ago.  No shots or anything cause I love Pusha and he can rap his ass off and this mixtape is entertaining enough, but I hope this makes people realize that while Pusha can make G.O.O.D. music now, the Clipse were absolutely sublime at their peak.  Even if Malice doesn’t come back, this mixtape shows that Pusha needs some kind of foil to be 100% effective; his style just works better for 45 seconds than it does for 3 minutes.  But srsly, how hard would Malice have killed “Can I Live”???  Props on the Queen sample though, bro.  Grab the whole mixtape over at 2DopeBoyz.

DL:  Pusha T – Open Your Eyes (192 kbps)

DL:  Pusha T f. 50 Cent & Pharrell – Raid (192 kbps)

DL:  Pusha T – Alone In Vegas (192 kbps)


Clipse – Got Caught Dealing Part II (192 kbps)

SimilarPusha T – My God


One comment

  1. Kanye is the male Erykah Badu.

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