Single Review: The Game f. Lil’ Wayne – Red Nation

March 13, 2011

For The Game and Wayne’s new single, they sample Zombie Nation completely un-ironically, but that’s totally OK because Just Blaze crossed that line a few years ago by sampling that fat kid from the internet and all parties involved got the hits of their career.  The only problem?  Three 6 Mafia did it a few years ago and it sounded about 3000x better (and more unapologetic, they didn’t slow it down).  I feel like I’m the only person that listened to that song more than twice tho, so maybe that’s a moot point.

The Game has two speeds of rapping: forgettable and embarrassing (“I ain’t no preacher, but here’s my Erick Sermon”) and thankfully this song falls in the former (with an appropriate Detroit Red shoutout).  Game’s also managed to update his namedrop swag to 2011, talking about J. Cole and Beats by Dre, so even if his career is a giant C note, he’s managed to hold the key down for SEVEN (!!) years now.  I do feel a little bad because even though he’s become a giant punchline, he’s released three good-to-great albums (and a pretty decent mixtape) and nothing nearly as cringeworthy as most of the rappers who have clowned him on songs.

Also gotta give a shoutout to Wayne, who’s on that non-autotune singing shit from ’07.  Mazel tov.

3 6 still did it first tho.


DL:  The Game f. Lil’ Wayne – Red Nation (192 kbps)


DL:  Three 6 Mafia f. Pimp C & Project Pat – I Got (179 kbps)

DL:  The Game f. Lil’ Wayne – Soo Woo (320 kbps)

DL:  The Game f. Lil’ Wayne – My Life (187 kbps)

SimilarThe Game – Purp & Patron


One comment

  1. I’m waiting on the day the Game just makes a whole album based off of every sample used between Straight Outta Compton to The Chronic. He’ll call it, Straight Outta of Chromatikkka’s Most Wanted Boy in da Hood that iz A Menace II Society.com

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