The GREATEST ever NAS, with the #4 greatest of ALL time, Biggie.

March 9, 2011

Shots fired

Rockinjamsheet Top 5 solo MC’s Nas, Chuck D, Rakim, Biggie, Masta Ace.



  1. masta ace??? what are you retarded, obvi biggie #1 if u even like music at all

  2. you clearly never listened to Masta Ace and Nas will always blow Biggie out of the water. Biggie made it because Nas got his foot in the door. When you stop watching MTV and going to Sway for advice, you’ll realize that biggie could never get medussa stoned.

    • whatever bro hope your backpack isnt too heavy

      • “today 14 yrs ago the greatest rapper (and most likely songwriter) in the history of pop music died.”- puffy had final say on his songs and flipped pete rock beats.

        Nas would rap backwards and still beat biggie. Hope your kneecaps don’t break from dick sucking puffy’s best artist.

  3. biggie 3k nas ice cube RAS KASS

    • that’s just silly, Q-tip>3k, ice cube is dope, ras kass is dope, but neither meet lyrically with masta ace and cubes beats get redundant compared to masta ace #mastaace>evypoo4n5mcs

      • half-hitler half jewish i’m gassed off myself

    • and ras kass geting knocked by the Game

  4. i dont care about some car and driver style technological comparison. the rappers i most enjoy listening to: biggie, camron, nas, big l, and loathe though i am to admit it, kanye west. actually i have listened to masta ace, and i dont care. just not interesting

    • then why comment in the first place?

  5. Chrswllce u jst talkn shit go n giv ace a listen…it’s obvious u shud’nt even b makin comments hr

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